We are glad to share about the construction progress of RC “Shchaslyvyi” with our investors and everyone who is interested in buying an apartment in Sofiivska Borshchahivka.

Works in the new development at Yabluneva Street advance dynamically. Three of its houses have already been brought in operation, whereas the complex develops its own convenient infrastructure.

Three residential houses are under construction at the moment. The main part of the facade insulation, plastering, and painting works is already done in the house 7-A at Yabluneva Str. As for the interior of the building, works on the cement creed on floors and plastering in the entrances are ongoing; the house already has windows in place. In parallel, facade works are running in the kindergarten.

The house 9-Г,Д is being constructed in the neighborhood. Two sections are already completely erected, while all other sections have either 10th or 8th floors under construction. Electricity is being distributed and windows are being installed in the building, whereas facade works are running in the erected sections. Different sections of the neighboring house 9-А,Б,В have their floors built from the 2nd and up to the 9th floor.

Moreover, to provide you with the best housing opportunities, RC “Shchaslyvyi” offers a very convenient service – turn-key apartments with the European-class repairs from the developer.

Contact our sales office to learn about our hot offers and promotions from the developer that will make the purchase of your apartment even more gainful. Our investors can also make use of a good interest-free installment plan. Call us at (044) 393 08 42 or (‎067) 691 60 06.

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