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Investment safety

The company will cover all construction costs, regardless of the amount of money of investors.

We appreciate comfort

We continue to take care of families after their move in and equip the territory with integrated, sportive and educational infrastructure.

We exceed expectations

All our 19/19 houses were built on average 3 months ahead of schedule.

Investment safety
We appreciate comfort
We exceed expectations

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RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Petropavlivska Borschagivka

RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Petropavlivska Borschagivka

RC “Shchaslyvyi" in Sofiyivska Borshchagovka

RC “Shchaslyvyi" in Sofiyivska Borshchagovka

RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Lviv

RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Lviv


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Buy an apartment in Kiev

For many, the decision to "buy an apartment in Kiev" is a long-awaited holiday and a truly bright event. However, everyone understands that this decision is only the beginning, because you have to choose a place that will become your home, and therefore, should match your ideas of comfort and comfort. And if you are going to buy an apartment, Kiev is ready to offer you a lot of options: in any area of ​​the city and the suburbs, in the primary and secondary market, housing from the agency or apartment without an intermediary - for every taste. Such a large choice for most buyers becomes a problem, because they offer so many good options that it is difficult to stop at something.

Why should you decide - I will buy an apartment in the city of Kiev?

However, if it is difficult to give advice on the choice of the area, planning and other characteristics, this is a matter of taste for every person, then you can definitely advise buying an apartment without intermediaries. Why?

It's economical.

You decided to buy a house in Kiev, but it seems to you an impossible task? Save on buying is quite feasible, if you prefer to buy a home directly from the builder. Typically, the construction company offers preferential terms when buying an apartment in the early stages of construction. But even if you buy an already finished apartment, its cost will be much lower than when making a deal with realtors.

It's simple.
Conclusion of an agreement with a construction company is always several times simpler than with an agency. After all, such a purchase does not require the participation of third parties, which means that an apartment in Kiev without intermediaries means the absence of the need to understand the agency's rights and your duties in relation to realtors.

This opens up more opportunities.
In addition, that the transaction with the developer gives an opportunity to buy an apartment in the city of Kiev inexpensive, this purchase has other advantages. For example, buying an apartment from a construction company, you can participate in the design and create an individual layout. That is, you have the opportunity to get the very ideal apartment that you dreamed of.

This is a guarantee of quality of housing.
Modern houses, built according to new quality standards with the use of modern developments and materials, outpace the apartments of secondary housing market by all indicators. Buying such a home, you do not have to face the problems of the operation of communication systems, noise insulation, thermal insulation, elevators and much more. The apartment in a new building is a really comfortable accommodation.

Apartment without intermediaries in the capital - is it real?

Obviously, buying an apartment without intermediaries in Kiev is much more profitable, and such a purchase has a number of significant advantages. And if you are to buy a home, Nova Budova will become your reliable partner. We have been working on the real estate market since 2005, and during this time we realized our own homes for hundreds of families. Our clients trust us, because we do not offer abstract inexpensive apartments in Kiev, but give the opportunity to get quite specific values:

Comfortable modern accommodation.
The company "Nova Budova" is convinced that the quality of construction works should always be in priority. We follow the novelties of the market of building materials and technologies, we use only safe raw materials from trusted producers and carefully select each specialist. Therefore, our residential complexes - it is the embodiment of all ideas about modern housing.

Comfortable and mutually beneficial cooperation.
We know that the quality of relationships is no less important than the quality of construction. Therefore, we pay special attention to the support and support of clients. The company "Nova Budova" will help not only buy an apartment in Kiev, but choose a dwelling that will satisfy all your wishes. We will tell you about our apartments everything that interests you, answer any questions and help with the choice, if you are in doubt. Our reputation is the trust of our tenants, so we are for a transparent relationship.

Proposals for the query "I will buy an apartment without intermediaries" a lot. And choosing among them, give preference to a trusted and reliable developer. The company "Nova Budova" appreciates its customers and works in order to anticipate their expectations. Make sure you!