Are There Any Terraced Apartments Outside of Kyiv?


Terraced Apartments in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka

Purchasing a new apartment with a terrace in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka is a good investment into spacious residential property right outside the capital city.

“NovaBudova” offers best value for money here. Spacious apartments with a terrace in a newly built house is a great option. It’s a comfortable place of residence on one side, and a private piece of nature on the other. People who buy these apartments get a whole alfresco recreation area right within the housing space. In addition to that, the whole building is constructed using high-quality materials. The house has energy saving glass units, independent heating systems, and underfloor heating. As a result, here’s a fully-featured townhouse in an apartment of a business-class resident complex called “Crystal Avenue”.

You can purchase a terraced apartment outside the city limits on the installment plan with minimal initial deposit. “NovaBudova” is the reliable construction company that offers such an option. The complex offers underground parking lot with electric vehicles charging station, playgrounds for children, a football field, sports area, shops, pharmacies, cafes, etc. In a word, you get fully developed infrastructure here.

Terrace — what kind and what for⁠

A terrace is a kind of an apartment’s extension under the open sky, it’s a walled-off platform beside the apartment, but in the open air. As a rule, such terraces are usually built on the top floors with the root exit, rarely on the lower floors.

Terraces are used for private rest and leisure. During warm seasons they are great for friends and family parties. During winter you can put up a Christmas tree and celebrate your winter holidays as if you were in a real forest. Here you’re guaranteed to have amazing panoramic views. Set plants – and you’ll have your own private garden (especially appreciated by women). Place some reclining chairs – a great opportunity for a summer sun bathe with your friends. Unique summer bedroom – a romantic night with your beloved one under the sky of stars. It can become a sports ground, playground for children, you name it. All depends on the phantasy and budget of the owners.

All that can be brought to life when you buy realty in RC “Crystal Avenue” from “NovaBudova”, the company that has been building quality residential property in the best districts outside of Kyiv for the last 13 years.