Business Class Development: How to Choose and Where to Live


Purchase of housing is definitely not something we do on a daily basis. That is why, when making the choice, we take a meticulous and thoughtful approach as much as we can. This is a right approach in any case, whether you buy housing for yourself or your loved ones, be it in economy class, comfort class, or high class. All of the suggested options have their strong sides. However, let us consider the segment that always draws special attention because it includes anything and everything! We are talking about business-class real estate. So, why is it worth it and, most importantly, how to choose such property and where is it really worth living.

Specifics of the Business-Class Development

Requirements for upscale real estate are legitimately the highest. At the very start, developer takes into consideration the most conveniently located spot with a good natural environment. In this segment, the bigger focus is placed on constructability, as well as on quality and eco-friendly characteristics of materials. Apartments are supposed to have handy layouts that can ensure most versatile and functional designs even in case of smaller area. 

Also, such residential developments must have a well-developed internal infrastructure and a convenient external infrastructure. Altogether, all of those aspects will naturally influence the price, however they do a good job in the long run for you.

In addition to construction-related requirements, they will also have the following crucial aspects:

  • Security guards and video surveillance as a must;
  • Fenced and well-developed territory;
  • Concierge and service support in the houses;
  • Comfortably arranged internal infrastructure; and
  • Underground parking with video surveillance and entry control.

If, when making a choice of a premium apartment, you have noticed all of those aspects, then you may mark it down and take this residential complex into account when considering a purchase of housing in it.

One may find multiple premium housing offers in the center of Kyiv or nearby. But is it really so convenient? This question needs a careful thought and analysis. A complex construction is hard to imagine in the city setting, because it offers insufficient space. Moreover, big city environment is far from perfect.

In such a case, buying apartment in the nearest suburbs of Kyiv – like in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka – may be the best solution. This district has a convenient traffic interchange allowing to get quickly to metro stations or to the center of the city. It also has shopping malls, supermarkets, and petrol stations. In the meantime, this is a peaceful and green district with nice recreation spots and beautiful views.

Business-Class Apartments in the Development with Underground Parking

It’s so good to have all conveniences pulled together in one place. The right location, reliable developer, safe technology – all of these aspects are important. However, interior composition of the complex is no less important, because this is what makes it comfortable. It includes spacious territory with a place for walks, playgrounds for children, sports ground, kindergarten, and underground parking. 

“Crystal Avenue”, a new business-class residential complex from NovaBudova in Petropavlivka, is able to offer such set of services. Moreover, we can also provide some novelties. For the owners of electric vehicles the complex includes special convenient charging stations.

Nevertheless, seeing once is better than hearing twice. For this reason we suggest you seeing RC “Crystal Avenue” with your own eyes, and most importantly – seeing that you belong there!