Direct Sales: Commercial Real Estate in Lviv


Commercial Property in Lviv

Commercial property sales gain pace. Demand breeds supply, and this demand grows each day. More and more business owners seek to purchase commercial real estate. Someone wants to buy property for a future shop in Lviv. Others plan to open their own business: beauty shop, hair salon, barbershop, café, office, etc.

Commercial real estate in Lviv is a good investment that pays off in the shortest time possible, and makes profit, if used efficiently. So if you are a burgeoning entrepreneur, having small start-up budget, that doesn’t give much room for investing into the realty of your own, you might want to go with long-term lease agreement. Fixed monthly payment will allow you to equalize your budget.

Purchasing commercial property in Lviv

When performing such activity there are several factors that need to be taken into account in order to make it as safe as possible. Light-fingered sellers can present documents stating that the premises were transferred to non-housing stock, but it may turn out later that it’s practically residential accommodation. And this might cause lots of troubles in the future.

Others artificially overrate the cost, and later announce “a special promo with discounts”. Still others fail to mention the status of utility systems, and discrepancy with sanitation and hygiene standards.

Optimum alternative is to contact the construction company directly. New-built houses have new utility systems, ideal office premises floor space, and the cost of commercial property in residential houses is lower than in special separately standing buildings.

RC “Shchaslyvyi” has various premises for business, and offers leasing as well as private ownership. Our Company offers installment payments plan, therefore it’s much easier to start a business with us. The resident complex is on Bigova St., in a nice and quiet neighborhood. The first building is commissioned, two more are being constructed. To be the first one to open a new shop in a new house is a great idea. After all, it will have a strong following among the residents, and thus it won’t be long before the profit comes.