For all of us, a truly good resident complex is not only buildings with a nice territory around. Location and infrastructure are the key aspects when it comes to the choice of a place to live. Other important things are the builder’s project as well as what the neighborhood provides: shopping centers, stores, public transportation, health care centers and definitely educational and pre-school establishments close by.

Let’s have a closer look at the kindergartens available in one of rapidly developing districts of Kyiv – Sophiyivska Borshchsgivka. We’ll consider the ones in close proximity to RC “Shchaslyvyi”.

Private Kindergartens in Sophiyivska Borshchagivka

1. Kindergarten «Foxy»

This private kindergarten is for children between 1.5 and 6 years old. In each group there are 6-7 children, having their own nursery teacher. The educational program includes Elementary Science, Speech Development, Mathematics, Logic, Art, Music, Elementary English and Physical Education. The premises has independent heating system, an activity room, a bedroom, and a classroom. Every child has his or her own bed and locker for clothing and shoes.

Address: Mira St., 35.

2. Kindergarten “Karandash”

Private kindergarten “Karandash” offers opportunities for children’s development and education in calm undisturbed atmosphere. The kindergarten offers five meals a day. Qualified teaching staff will oversee the day-care and schooling. Optional extracurricular activities are also available.

Address: Dimitrova St., 99.

3. “Little People”

“Little People” is a private home-like kindergarten. It is open to little ones between 1.5 and 6 years old. The classes based on current teaching practices are held in a nice cottage house with a limited-access territory equipped for spending time outdoors. It’s possible to sign for flexible attendance, arrange for your child to stay there overnight or even spend the weekend there.

Address: Dimitrova St., 41.

However, not all parents can afford paying for a modern kindergarten, especially if a family has more than one child. Besides, often it’s not only the price, but the location as well. That’s why there’s nothing more comfortable than having a public kindergarten just around the corner. And “NovaBudova” had offered such a kindergarten to the residents of RC “Shchaslyvyi” on Yabluneva St. in Sophiyivska Borshchagivka last year.

“Happy Kindergarten” is a modern, comfortable and colorful child care center, built by “NovaBudova” for the residents of RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Sophiyivska Borshchagivka. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the two-story building was signed off to the council of the district. So, this kindergarten is public and affordable to any family. The spacious kindergarten has equipped classrooms, bright activity rooms, cozy bedrooms, pleasant dining-room and whatever is required to meet the needs of children.

The territory of the kindergarten has limited access, and all the children are always under supervision. There are colorful playgrounds and nice play pits. And on the opening day, the most famous quality inspector of the country – Olga Freimut – examined the premises together with her camera crew.

Address: Yabluneva St., 7-А.

When choosing a place to live and deciding upon the resident complex, you won’t have to worry about the place you children need to attend while you’re at work. Here everything is created for your comfort and easy life.