Recommendations on Purchasing an Apartment in a Newly Built House: Expert Opinion


When choosing an apartment in a newly built house, one should secure all guarantees and avoid dishonest and unscrupulous construction developers. A good choice of the builder is the guarantee of the best outcome. Before giving any specific advices on buying and apartment in a new-built, experts recommend the following simple rules.

1. Check developer’s reputation.

Information is available on the internet. Definitely, there are many websites, where investors can give their feedback and tell if the construction developer meets its obligations. In the social networks you can find information about the activity of the company, and about the results of every stage of construction works: building, insulation, territory beautification.

2. Conduct analysis of the pricing policy.

Low prices are offered only by unreliable developers. There is a chance, that actual funds cover only the ground work and foundation. Therefore, there’s risk, that the whole construction will be “frozen” at some point. The cost of an apartment built from high quality materials, located in a good district and nice neighborhood, cannot go below the market price. That’s a fact!

Now let’s proceed to specific apartment purchase recommendations. Besides convenient transport junction and good layout, that we discussed in the previous article, there are more aspects to be taken into the account.


Location plays a critical part in pricing policy of apartments in a newly built house. Obviously, square meters in busy central districts of Kyiv cost way more than in outer-lying residential districts. Purchasing realty in a suburb will cost even less. Though in this situation there might be transportation problems, and it takes much more time to get to the place of work and back. But there’s happy middle ground – to buy a place to live in a peri-urban area of Kyiv. Prices for such property are rather attractive, and you can easily access public transportation of the city from such places.

Energy saving technologies in construction

Thermo insulated facades and individual heating are great advantages of modern newly built houses. After all, utility bills are constantly getting higher. So, when construction developer creates conditions where energy saving is possible, the bills don’t hit the residents in the wallet that much.

Video surveillance and territory lighting

Any construction developer should at least remotely take care of amenities on the territory before the project is commissioned: install street lights, work out the entrance way to the building. Having video cameras is a great plus, but not all resident complexes have them.

Landscape gardening of the territory and beautification of the entrance hallways

Only responsible construction developers can afford original design of the territory, and have challenging ideas for greenspace expansion. In the past, those were the burdens of the residents. Now the situation changed drastically. Construction companies offer a full range of territory maintenance services.

Every investor should pay attention to these important details. Don’t forget, that well-developed recreation areas, modern sports grounds, manicured garden beds, and clean illuminated territory are a hallmark of a construction developer.

So, here are our recommendations on purchasing an apartment in a newly built house, but the choice is obviously yours.