Company NovaBudova

Are you looking for an apartment in Kyiv or Lviv? “NovaBudovа” Company builds the way you could find here an apartment you’ve always wanted.

We are certain, that a person buying a place to live, most of all wants to end up in a place having all the handy solutions.

That is why we think through everything before we commence construction.

Our compounds are located in suburbs of Kyiv and Lviv. Location of every residential complex is chosen with close proximity to convenient road interchange, shopping centers, places of public entertainment and nice greenspaces.

We want your life in our complexes to make you happy every single day. That’s the reason why our houses are maintained by our own Housing and Utility Management Unit. And its services are not ceased even after the operational commissioning. Two of our apartment complexes have kindergartens. You and your family will feel protected, because we care and equip our complexes with security services. On the territory we locate playgrounds, places for sports and recreation.

We offer several plans of purchasing real estate in our apartment complexes: instalment plan, investing at the stage of construction, purchasing an apartment at a ready-to-use building, or purchasing a turn-key-ready apartment with all the finishing works done. We bust a myth that purchasing of an apartment is something unachievable, and we offer quality and reliable residence of Economy-, Comfort- and Business-Class.

We aim to be fully transparent to you, that’s why we’re constantly announcing news of construction stages and tell about our construction objects on this website. Besides that, we have “NovaBudova” Youtube channel and our Facebook group, where you can learn more about our promotional activities and read topical issues and practical advises that will help you in choosing an apartment, in space planning of the new home, refurnishing and refurbishing.

In 15 years of hard work we have built 36 houses, 5 apartment complexes and 2 kindergartens, and expanded the geography of our real estate development. 6500 families now live in our apartments, and we are grateful to everyone who trusted us and builds happiness in our houses. We are moving forward, believe in better future for our country, and continue doing what we love to do — giving a present of home!

“NovaBudova”: we build homes — you build happiness!