"Once it has been my dream, now it’s become my reality"

NovaBudova is a construction and investment company specializing in the residential real estate segment since 2005. The main residential developments constructed by the NovaBudova Company are within easy reach and located in quiet and peaceful areas within the limits of the Kyiv city. That is what makes our company’s strategic direction.

We work aiming to provide numerous families with the long-awaited opportunity to buy a cozy apartment of high quality that is within walking distance of schools, kindergardens and shopping malls of the capital. When buying apartments from us you may save up to 30% and use it for the arrangement of your sweet home.

“Once it has been my dream, now it’s become my reality” – happily comment dwellers already residing in houses constructed by our company.

Based on the company’s long history we realize that home is one of the basic human needs. That’s the place where you may rest from anything and, running away from toils and daily troubles, enjoy the quietness or fellowship with your nearest and dearest.

That is why the company’s main strategy is the construction of the European high-quality housing that ensures comfortable living and meets demands of modern life.

The majority of houses is built in the area of Sofiyivska and Petropavlivska Borshchagivka, and in the Vyshneve town, their total area being over 160 000 sq.m.