Our company’s motto states “Treat people the same way you want them to treat you”. That is why we build what we would have purchased ourselves.

Here are some of our company’s advantages:

— Company «Novabudova» doesn’t drive prices up. We always strive to achieve the price lower than our competitors’ and keep the high quality at the same time.

And that’s where we succeed. Besides, the interest-free hire-purchase program offered by the Developer for the period of up to 1 year is more favorable than any bank loan. Read more in Promotions.

— Save Money for Repair.

When purchasing an apartment 300-800 meters away from the Kiltseva road (the ring road) you actually reside in the capital and at the same time save up to 30% of the value of the apartment that is located within Kyiv’s limits.

— Our complexes integrate the country-house peace and metropolis conveniences.

The major share of our real estate is located in the quiet and peaceful area. In the morning you may enjoy songs of birds while making a morning run or having a cup of your favorite coffee in the spacious balcony.

— Closer than Suburb.

Your apartment will be so closely located to Kyiv that you’ll find yourself within a walking distance to hypermarkets and entertainment centers of the city, and your children will have an opportunity to study at a capital school. Moreover, the city’s traffic interchange stays always in the near.

«NovaBudova» — is a reliable company with its own history. The overall area of residential property built by our company since 2005 exceeds 240 000 sq.m.

— Secure Investment

You don’t need to worry about warranties when purchasing an apartment at the beginning of construction. The company ensures the availability of all permits and approvals even prior to the beginning of building and construction works.