Through the support of “NovaBudova” company the Ukrainian judo team has participated in the European Cup Judo Cadets (under 18 years), in particular – it was the representatives of the Vasylkyv town (its Kiev region)! 
The competitions were held in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

    The "NovaBudova" company paid for a trip of the Ukrainians Ivan Kompanychenko (weight category less than 50 kg) and Alik Dallakyan (weight category less than 66 kg) . The honored judo coach of Ukraine Eduard Anatolyovych Melenevskiy engaged boys in Vasilkyv.

   Alik Dallakyan entered the top ten of the 87 participants! Ivan Kompanychenko foughtfor a medal. But as a result young judoka took the 5th place of 52 fighters. But do not worry - the first place in this weight category is Ukrainian too!

   Senior coach of Ukraine among cadets and youth Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine Roman Volodymyrovych Gontyuk supported boys in Zagreb. This judoka brought the silver medal from  the XXVIII Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and the bronze medal from  the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing (2008).

   This competition for the European Cup among Judo Cadets under 18 years is rating in the European standings and affects the direct participation at the European Championship.

    Our joint efforts are not useless: now Ukraine is in the top seven and there are ten our judokas in this table. Our fighters will probably be considered in the distribution of medals as a result of competition!

    So, thanks to the "NovaBudova" company, the most promising young fighters can glorify the Ukraine in the Europe.

    No coincidence, that the most powerful man on the planet - Vasily Virastiuk trusts our company!
Lean "NovaBudova" from youth!