Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

30 December 2014

Dear residents of the RC “Shchaslyvyi”, management of the NovaBydova Company along with all its employees congratulates you on Christmas and the New Year 2015! We wish you to be truly happy at your homes not only in the upcoming year, but all the time! May peace and love abide in your families! We wish you wisdom and joy, good health, and new targets! Always go beyond your achievements an...

Most Interesting Highlights from NovaBydova!

26 December 2014

Dear website visitors and investors of the RC “Shchaslyvyi”! It’s time to reveal all 2014 most peculiar facts about the NovaBydova Company. Certainly most of you are interested in seeing proofs of our reliability. Facts listed below attest to our trustworthiness. In the course of this year two red brick five-storey houses were erected in Sofiivska Borshchagivka. The construction of the ...

Be Happy in the RC "Shchaslyvyi"!

Be Happy in the RC "Shchaslyvyi"!

21 November 2014

In the house at 50 Shchaslyva Str.: gas boilers installed; electricity connected; wheelchair ramps welded to entrances of the house; decorative timber fencing will be installed around the playground. In the house at 61 Shchaslyva Str.: mail boxes have been hung; in the next coming days the landscaping company "Eva" will begin the improvement of the territory near the h...