Up-to-Date Offers from RC “Shchaslyvyi”


NovaBydova keeps on informing you about the progress of construction in Sofiivska and Petropavlivska Borshchahivka.

As many of our investors may know, the houses 5-А, Б, В at Yabluneva Str. in Sofiivska Borshchahivka were successfully brought in operation 3 months ahead of the declared deadlines. This gave the apartment owners an opportunity to start the repairs in their new apartments right away. In parallel, the building of the 2nd construction phase at 13-А, Б Yabluneva Str. is in good progress. Screed levelling, plastering and facade insulation works are going on in the building. Fora supermarket will be opening on the first floor of the house soon; it will offer a good selection of basic groceries. The 6th floor of the 3rd phase is under construction. Also there was laid the foundation of the 4th construction phase and a kindergarten that is located right in the yard of the houses 5-А, Б, В. This is an apparent advantage of RC “Shchaslyvyi” for families with small children, because working parents will only need a couple of minutes to take their kids to the kindergarten.

The brick house shell has been erected at 10-Д/1 Soborna Str. in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka; facade insulation works are going on in the building. Plastering works continue on the last floors of the house. The facade of the kindergarten at 10-Ж Soborna Str. is done completely. The last floors were erected in the house 14 at Soborna Str.; plastering and screed levelling are done in parallel. Here you will find the best available apartment designs, because “Shchaslyvyi” complex is located in a spot, where well-developed infrastructure is harmoniously combined with picturesque landscapes that may observed from the windows. A lake lies quite in the near, which is very comfortable for family weekends, bike tours, rollerblading, picnics or meetings with friends.

In case of any questions contact our sales offices or call (044) 223-76-76,(067) 885-40-40 in Sofiivska Borshchahivka or (044) 228-63-61, (067) 990-46-46 in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka. Hurry up to purchase an apartment in the complex designed to make you happy!