Apartment in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka: What Advantages Shall I Have?



RC "Schasliviy" in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka


We’re constructing two residential complexes in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka, so that anyone looking for an apartment to buy, can find the best solution here. And there is plenty to pick from!

RC “Crystal Avenue” offers apartments, penthouses with terraces, commercial premises in business class buildings. The very first object is being built at the complex now, so the opportunities of purchasing an apartment here are the most attractive.

There is a 90% ready complex nearby – our RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka. Nine out of ten RC’s buildings were put into service, plus a kindergarten that has been open for over a year already.

The complex is filled with well-thought-out and convenient decisions. Here we have a sports field, exercise machines, playgrounds, a beautiful fountain and park benches; all territory is enriched with nice landscaped areas. The RC’s own Utility Office takes care of all maintenance of the buildings and makes sure the territory is clean. Also, there is an opportunity to purchase a personal parking place on an open-air parking lot with surveillance. Besides that, there are parking places for guests. And the whole RC’s territory will soon be fenced about.

In addition to all that, the RC has a chain of stores, coffee shops, restaurants and cozy cafés, dressmakers and repair shops, a beauty salon, dentistry and more. When you come to the complex, you feel its own unique atmosphere of a small town. And rightly so: the capital city is only 650 meters away, so are all the bus stops, shopping centers and supermarkets; Zhytomyrska metro station is only 7 minus away.

All the works in the very last building at Oksamytova St., 20-G are at the final stage. The house itself is complete; the works of insulation, façade covering, internal plastering and tile setting in the entrance halls are being performed. And what is most convenient, in our RC you can get apartments with complete internal finishing, or order it in “NovaBudova” Home Improvement Department.

Don’t hesitate to find out about the available apartments, there are lesser and lesser of those with every passing day! Please call our managers at RC “Shchaslyvyi” and RC “Crystal Avenue”: (044) 393-0842, (067) 691-6006. And come visit our Sales Department in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka at Soborna St., 14-A. Don’t waste your best opportunity to live in the most comfortable style!