- doors of entrances installed;

- plastering progresses intensively in apartments; and

- entrances are being tiled dynamically.

Apartments of the house are sold out fast, so make haste to go to your dream of a modern house near a lake! Despite all circumstances performance of the NovaBydova Company is excellent, and the house shell of the house 10-D will be erected soon. Right after that the sale of apartments will start. At present floor 6 is being erected. All buildings of the complex are made of brick and have insulation made on the basis of Austrian technology. Every apartment is equipped with an Italian gas boiler that heats both water and heating system. Water supply comes from Kyiv. Electricity supply comes from Kyiv. Minibuses passing by the house come from Kyiv. But the air comes from country – fresh and giving inspiration to enjoy life to the fullest! Prices are also not the same as in Kyiv, they are much cheaper – inquire right now at the sales office: 044-228-63-61, 067-990-46-46.

May your life bubble over like an iridescent fountain!