A Letter of Gratefulness!


The Football Federation of Dnipropetrovsk region decided to proceed with the “Governor’s Cup”. Consequently there emerged the “Federation Cup” tournament. Basically this is a competition for the newly formed teams striving to try their skill in big football. The second category includes long-existing teams that for some reason do not take part in football championships of the Football Federation. As a result we managed to form two groups each consisting of 5 teams: one group being formed of teams from Dnipropetrovsk and Synelnykove, and the other group being formed of teams from the Kryvyi-Rih district. Thus, two leading teams of each group will later on play on the field.

For the time being our Christian soccer club "Skala" is taking the second place. We lost our key match to the “Meteor” team. We played with them many times and usually victory was on our side, but in this match our main goal-keeper broke his arm, and an outfield player had to substitute him. It was the first match of the championship. After that we had many problems because of the goal-keepers absence. But it’s a good result for the new team that is only at the beginning of its way in big football!

We are looking forward for the second round of competitions in order to catch up on the lost scores.

It would be great if the entire team would travel out to Synelnykove and then to one of the towns in Kryvyi-Rih district. That would be a first-time experience for our team.

We are grateful to the NovaBydova company for the chance to be participants in this championship. This time we are playing in purple T-shirts with our sponsor’s logo “NovaBydova” on their front.

Here is the web-site of the Football Federation of Dnipropetrovsk region: ffdo.com.ua