Dear residents! You are invited* to the spectacular gala-banquet to celebrate the end of the year 2015! On December 23, 2015 the grand show’s participants will be joined by the TV-host Olha Freimut, the Voice-2015 winner Anton Kopytin and the Voice-2015 finalist Tetiana Reshetniak!

The program will include the new-year contests, a luxurious banquet and a prize drawing. Bratia Shumakhery (the Schumacher Brothers comic duet) will be special guests of the celebration!!!

The celebration will begin at 4:30 p.m. at the Encore Ramada Hotel. Festive dress-code is welcome!

Tickets are sold at the sales offices. The number of tickets is limited! For more information call 38 (099) 376 14 91.

*the offer is valid only for dwellers of the RC “Shchaslyvyi”!