Construction and Set Up: Detailed Information on the Works in RC “Shchaslyvyi” on Bigova St.


Construction and Set Up: Detailed Information on the Works in RC “Shchaslyvyi” on Bigova St.

We really want to keep you updated on the recent works in our complex.


In RC “Shchaslyvyi” there’s an opportunity either to buy an apartment in a ready building, or to invest at the stage of construction, since the construction of the second phase is actively progressing.

As for the first building, landscaping and beautification of the outdoor space is in the process; and preparations for gardening are being made. We have installed and connected street lamps, the walkways towards the building are pitched with paving blocks. That’s why it’s easier now to bring in construction materials, furniture and belongings into new apartments. And storage rooms in that first building just hit the market.

The works of the Phase 2 at Bigova St., 17-A are going on non-stop. At the moment the house is at the stage of putting up a solid-cast framework made of reinforced concrete. The works are done up to the 8th floor.

As our investors already know, a spacious and convenient underground parking will be located underneath the RC’s territory. You’ll be able to enter it right from your very house, and you’ll always be sure of the whereabouts of your car.

We want you to always have good choice and possibilities to buy the apartment of your dreams. That’s why we offer you options that will even simplify the stage of internal finishing. In “NovaBudova” you can place an order on internal finishing, and move in into a turn-key-ready place with terrific design, and with quality and timely performance.

For complete advisory assistance, site visits and apartment selection in RC “Shchaslyvyi” please visit our Sales Department at Chaikosvkogo St., 26, or contact us on the following phone numbers: (032) 229-5272, (067) 235-1837.