Our intention to keep you updated on the latest news from the construction site. Whether you are our investor or you are only looking for an apartment in Kyiv, let us tell you about the progress of building works of RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Sofiivka.

NovaBudova is doing residential real estate business for 12 years now. We build at our own cost and expense and put apartments on sale only after the development’s construction process begins. Thus our customers may see their future house and feel safe about their investments. Three houses of the residential complex on Yabluneva Street have been built and residents have already moved in.

Building works continue in the next three construction phases. The house 7-A located at Yabluneva Street will be brought in operation next. It undergoes facade insulation and decoration works. Quality metal and plastic windows with Aluplast Ideal frames have been used for the house. Apartments have laser screed on floors and walls, as well as electricity and pipe distribution. Plastering works are finished. Besides, NovaBudova equips every apartment with an Italian double-pressure gas boiler Westen Quasar and metal radiators with temperature control.

The next house under construction is located at 9-Г, Д Yabluneva Street. The building is erected already. Facade insulation and painting works continue there. The territory near the house is getting prepared for improvement. The neighboring house 9-А,Б,В, has under construction floors 5-7 in different sections.

RC “Shchaslyvyi” on Yabluneva Street already has video surveillance and operating supermarket, stores, and cafes. The development also has an underground parking for vehicles and green territory. Moreover, we are building a public kindergarten there.

Please contact us at (044) 393-08-42, ‎(067) 691-60-06 in order to see our apartment designs and learn about our best offers. Visit our sales office at 5-А Yabluneva Str. to receive a comprehensive consultation, to have a look at our complex and/or apartments, and to make your own housing choice!