Elite Housing in Lviv: RC “Shchaslyvyi” PLATINUM Construction News

 Many of our investors in Lviv looked forward to the sales start of the fist premium-class building – RC “Shchaslyvyi” PLATINUM from NovaBudova. After all, it is filled with the best advantages that we prepared for you!

The new house is being built in Shevchenko District, on Vyacheslav Chornovil Prospect, only 10 minutes away from the city center. And besides its great location, it offers much more great opportunities for the residents.

Having 22 floors, it will be equipped with the latest firefighting systems, elevators, underground parking, surveillance and security. It will also be equipped with full service, maintenance and stylish interior and exterior works. So here are the detailed news from the construction site for all those who are interested in purchasing residential property.

We completed all necessary preparation of the site, and started precautionary underpinning of the building’s foundation. The foundation pad was poured, and root piles were immersed. A special waterproof system was added to the structure. The next stage of works we’re actively performing is installation of reinforced-concrete walls of the basement level.

If you’re willing to raise your expectations of property and would like to make a cost-efficient and reliable investment, choosing a premium-class apartment is the best investment into your future. Please contact our Sales Department at Chaikovskogo St., 26 and ask our manages about the floor plans and the building facilities. Or call us at the following numbers: (032) 294-9453, (067) 663-9713. Invest and enjoy the new level of your life!