We keep on delivering news from NovaBudova’s construction site for you. A 16-storey house, the building of which began last year, is already standing at the construction site in Lviv. All building works will soon come to their final stage.

We are paying special attention to facade now; we will apply 13-centimeter mineral wool insulation and then paint it. At the same time, we continue doing interior works like building interior walls and finishing windows installation.

We gladly announce that apartments on floors two to five are ready for reviews. They already have metal entrance doors, windows, cement screed, and stucco. Our managers can arrange a review of the apartment for you to study the housing and, most importantly, sense its environment and feel your place in it, in order to make a right and reasonable decision.

There is one more important and pleasant news about this residential complex – we began laying the road that will be connecting our house at Bihova Street with Hlynianskyi Trakt. This means that residents of the development will have their own roadway connecting the city and their home. Residents will be able to leave their vehicles in a convenient underground parking, works on which are running in the territory.

Lychakivskyi district in Lviv is a promising spot; it is just at the beginning of its development and expansion, which will only accelerate after our development is constructed. On the ground floor we planned commercial facilities, which are very convenient for opening shops, cafes, pharmacies, beauty salons, and offices, and will bring a good return.

Please, contact us at (‎032) 229-52-72, (‎067) 235-18-37 in order to find out more details about the development and to review our apartments or office facilities. We are waiting for you at 26 Chaikovskoho Street. Buy and live happily in RC «Shchaslyvyi» in Lviv!