NovaBydova has this good tradition to inform its investors about the progress of its constructions. However, if the issue of purchase of an apartment in Lviv is new to you, we offer a review of and the news from the construction site of the “Shchaslyvyi” complex.

All houses of our new development at Bihova Street are built following the monolith and frame technology using the top-quality red brick. Thus we ensure long service life, strength, and heat-resistance of our houses. The 1st construction phase of the development has its 2nd floor under construction. It will offer convenient one-room apartments, comfortable two-room apartments, as well as spacious three-room apartments with modern and smart designs.

The overall plan of the complex deserves special attention. NovaBydova’s key priorities include not only quality and timeliness of its developments, but also their pleasant, functional, and comfortable living environment. Since we follow the European approach to the design of residential complexes, you will be offered a well-developed territory with a surface parking for guests and an underground parking, an up-to-date sports field, playgrounds for kids, and all the rest in the near. The complex will have surveillance and security, which will ensure peace and comfort of its residents. An educational establishment for children and a public transportation stop are just a short distance away. Those who admire outdoor recreation on weekends will be pleased to know that in the near of our complex there is a forest and a lake, where one may spend great time with family and friends.

The dream of having your own housing in Lviv may come true really soon! Hurry up to visit our sales office at 26 Chaikovskoho Street and buy a new comfortable apartment of your dream at a special promotion price UAH 11 500/m2! Do not put it off for later, call us at (032) 253-37-07 or (067) 426-70-70 to get all information to your interest, see our best apartment designs, and learn about a convenient installment plan offered by the developer. Feel the fullness of life in the happy environment of RC “Shchaslyvyi”.

RC “Shchaslyvyi” – Happiness Is in the Near!