Probably the most important aspect of choice is defined by who and the way how they spend their free time. Something of the listed below may be to your liking:

- optical devices and equipment, goods for hunting, and camouflage are offered by the Agron Company (2-B Lenina Str.);

- White Lily beauty salon (10-А Lenina Str.);

- Bellezza beauty salon (5-А Lenina Str.);

- Viktoriia Sauna (3-B Tuluzy Str.);

- quit in the near of the complex there is a lake, a forest, and a park. These are wonderful places not only to have rest here, but also to keep you perfectly fit.

Fishing at the lake is a good habit both in winter and in summer. The lake is quit big, which makes it possible to fish in an inflatable boat. Residents also have their morning and evening runs around the lake. And what a pleasure it is to walk with a carriage in this place. Bikers also admire riding around it. And in winter one may go skating on the frozen lake.

The forest is clean, that is why people come here to make photos of lilies-of-the-valley, have barbecue, or just to breathe fresh air in the pine-forest. One may also go skiing in winter here.

Or maybe you are the one who likes inviting many guests and friends, then the Tysa Hotel will take care of their lodging at 4-B Velyka Kiltseva Str.

You may also have rest from your daily routine and enjoy the cuisine you like at one of the following spots:

- "Coffee and Flowers" cafe (10-А Lenina Str.);

- “Yakitoriia” Japanese restaurant in the facility of Auchan hypermarket; and

- "Beck`s Beerloft" Café at 4 Velyka Kiltseva Str.

When moving into the RC “Shchaslyvyi” you may select services of various companies, as well as hire servicemen for repair:

- in the development at 10-А Lenina Str. there is a tailor shop, a curtains shop, and a kitchens gallery;

- cartage «REVUTSKAIA Т.А. PE » at 4b Zodchykh Str.;

- woodworking and furniture tools LLC "LOIKO UKRAINE" at 11 Barkhatnaia Str.;

- glass and glass products “Ukrskloservis” at 7-B Lenina Str.;

- Magniflex mattresses at 6 Petropavlivska Str.;

- “Khochu Mebel” (“I want furniture”) shop selling mattresses, natural wood furniture and accessories at 15-А Petropavlivska Str.;

- furniture accessories “Vybor PKF” at 11 Barkhatnaia Str.;

- Irelle kids furniture shop at 4-A Velyka Kiltseva Str.;

- building and construction materials at “Epicenter K” at 6 Kryshtaleva Str.;

- building and construction materials at “Designer’s Construction Shop” («Авторский строительный магазин») at 12 Velyka Kiltseva Str.;

- fire-places and stoves shop “Elit Kamin” at 12 Petropavlivska Str.;

- gardening market LLC GE “Epicenter” at 3 Kryshtaleva Str.;

ShC “Modnyi Dom” at 77 Zhovtneva Str.:

- “Kabel-Provod” construction materials shop at 77 Zhovtneva Str.;

"4ROOM" furniture center at 6 Petropavlivska Str.:

- Meblenium kitchen case furniture, floor 2, TC 4ROOM;

- “Eurotrade” furniture company;

- Noveal furniture comapny;

- SKAI furniture plant shop;

- Salena furniture showroom;

- Gerbor (Гербор) furniture;

- Gagarin furniture;

- “Mebel Stolitsy” («Мебель Столицы»);

- Armobil Rossetto Italian furniture;

- Eco Carpet;

- Premium Orthopedic Mattresses and Beds («Элитные ортопедические матрасы, кровати»);

- Vegas orthopedic mattresses shop, floor 1;

- Secret salon (interior doors and accessories);

- “Kulik-System” brand chairs salon;

- gardening goods, Germany smart flowerpots boutique Lechuza;

Mebleve Mistechko (Furniture Town) at 10 Petropavlivska Str.:

- Matrasyk mattresses shop;

- “VEKO” brand furniture shop;

- shop of the “Zalis” factory.

Furniture TC “Diamant”, 14-E Petropavlivska Str.:

- Camelgroup furniture shop;

- “Bul-Bul” sanitary ware shop;

- exclusive furniture from America “Lux-Art”.

And here is a great selection for road users.


- free parking in the territory of the complex. 340 parking places for 1000 apartments;

- paid parking right where Kyiv begins (2 Petropavlivska Str.);

- garages, garage equipment “Dobbi” at 2-B Lenina Str., of. 1, 7.

Filling Stations:

- FS “Beskyd” (at the crossroads of streets Kryshtaleva and Lenina);

- FS “BRSM-Nafta” (4-B Velyka Kiltseva Str.);

- FS KLO (2 Velyka Kiltseva Str.);

- FS “Lukoil” (10 Petropavlivska Str.);

- FS “Shell” (1 Melnychenko Str.);

- oil products Ubinvest (2-A Lenina Str.)

Car Repair:

- “Auto tuning group” (6-А Lenina Str.);

- car repair and services, truck area “Tysa-Avto” (4 Velyka Kiltseva Str.);

- “Glass for Cars at Okruzhna” («Автостекло на Окружной»), (2-А Lenina Str.);

- bumper repairs, toe-in toe-out, headlamps renovation (80 Zodchykh Str.);

- auto parts store chain LANOS, SENS, DAEWOO (2 Velyka Kiltseva Str.);

- auto parts store in the ShC “Modnyi Dom” (77 Zhovtneva Str.);

- auto parts and car accessories shop Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen (7-B Lenina Str.)

Automobiles Purchasing:

- KIA showroom (2 Velyka Kiltseva Str.);

- “Auto from Europe” showroom (2-А Lenina Str.);

- automobiles center in Borshchahivka (2 Velyka Kiltseva Str.)

Cars Rental:

- leasing company OTP Leasing (2-V Lenina Str.);

- “Praha Avto” car rental (4 Velyka Kiltseva Str.)

Bike Goods:

- BikeLike (bike goods workshop and bike repairs) (6 Petropavlivska Str.)

The selection of shopping spots within walking distance:

- grocery store (10-А Lenina Str.);

- grocery store (36 Petropavlivska Str.);

- Auchan hypermarket and Promenada-Park (4 Velyka Kiltseva Str.);

- BILLA grocery store (2 Petropavlivska Str.);

- Watsons cosmetics shop (12 Kiltseva Str.);

- “Technopolis” electronics store (4 Velyka Kiltseva Str.);

- HOME ROBOT electronics store (16 Petropavlivska Str.);

- State Scientific and Production Enterprise “Elektronmash” (4 Kiltseva Str.);

- Altsest tools and equipment store (4 Petropavlivska Str.);

- “Elektroinstrument” (24-А Lenina Str.);

- “Leitz Instruments Ukraine” (wood processing tools sale and service), (2-B Lenina Str.)

- “Andreas Stihl” electronic equipment (74 Zodchykh Str.)

Also pharmacies and medical centers in the near:

- a pharmacy right in the complex at 10-A Lenina Str.;

- pharmacy PJSC “”Eksimed” No.5 (2 Petropavlivska Str.);

- multi-specialized medical treatment and diagnostic center ACMD-Medoks (14-D Petropavlivska Str.);

- “Lege Artis” (hygiene products, medical products, treatment abroad), (2-V Lenina Str., of. 22)

It won’t take long to find a bank too:

- PJSC Raiffeisenbank Aval, Sviatoshyn unit No. 5 (2 Petropavlivska Str.);

- UniCredit Bank (PJSC “Ukrsotsbank”), unit “Epicenter-3” (6 Kryshtaleva Str.);

- “Radykal Bank” (2-V Lenina Str.);

- “Mykhailivskyi Bank” (12 Petropavlivska Str.);

- iBox payment terminal (36 Petropavlivska Str.)

Schools in the near:

- specialized Oles Honchar school No. 76 (8 Zhmerynska Str.)

- “ECO” lyceum No.198 (6 Tuluzy Str.)

- I-III level general academic school in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka (30 Lenina Str.)

Key traffic interchanges are at the disposal of residents of the “Shchaslyvyi” complex. Right near the houses there are stops of regular routs 743, 743к, 743д, 744. At Velyka Kiltseva (600 m away from the complex) there stop buses 56, 23, trolleybus 39, minibuses 188 (23), 208 (56д), 301, 304, 306, 366 , 369, 401, 408, 501 (23), 576, 716, 717, 720, 721, 741, 742, 766, 769, 777, 796, 824. That is why a ride to metro stations “Akademmistechko” and “Zhytomyrska” (5 km) may take only 5-7 minutes.

Your choice delivers the quality of your life. So choose a comfortable place!  You may find out all necessary information about the RC “Shchaslyvyi” at: (067) 409 36 36 (Petropavlivka), (067) 735 76 76 (Sofiivka).