In the closest proximity located:

- cleaner’s at 36 Shchaslyva Str.;

- tailor’s workshop at 36 Shchaslyva Str.;

- footwear repair shop at 36 Shchaslyva Str.;

- beauty salon at 36 Shchaslyva Str.;

- AutoES automobiles repair and service, 32-A Shchaslyva Str.;

- TM TORGPARK sale of equipment for bars, restaurants, and cafes, 30 Mala Kiltseva Str.;

- Babymarket wholesale store, 30 Mala Kiltseva Str.;

- Skyservice cell communication shop, 30 Mala Kiltseva Str.;

- “First Hypermarket of Doors”, 6 Mala Kiltseva Str.;

- “MasterOk” shop of repair materials, 6 Mala Kiltseva Str.;

- groceries store at 6 Kiltseva Str., near the bus stop “Yuzhnaya Borshchagovka”;

- “Feieriia” fireworks shop, 1-B Dymytrova Str.;

- Great Wall cars showroom, 6 Mala Kiltseva Str.;

- Iveco cars showroom, 6 Mala Kiltseva Str.;

- SUBARU cars showroom, 6 Mala Kiltseva Str.;

- Carpeta carpets showroom, 4-A Mala Kiltseva Str.;

- FoxWell moto-showroom, 4-A Mala Kiltseva Str.

The new RC “Shchaslyvyi” with a kindergarden is being constructed 300 m away from Kyiv at Yabluneva Street.

Nearest educational establishments:

- Vyshneve general education school No.3, 44 Sviatoshynska Str. (17-minutes’ walk);

- Vyshneve GES No.4, 3 Mashynobudivnykiv Str. (25-minutes’ walk);

- Kyiv V. Chornovol school No. 235, 1-B Velyka Kiltseva Str. (20-minutes’ walk, 1,6km);

- Kyiv school No. 317, 12 Bulhakova Str. (2,8 км, 28-minutes’ walk);

- Kyiv secondary school No. 223, 6-G Zholudeva Str. (30-minutes’ walk);

- Kyiv school No. 254, 12-M Akademika Koroliova Avenue (30-minutes’ walk);

- technical school ONTOP SCHOOL, 12-G Akademika Koroliova Avenue (30-minutes’ walk);

- Kyiv school, 2-А Symyrenko Str.;

- MotoLight driving school, 18/1 Simyi Sosninykh Str.;

- Interregional Higher Technical School of Motor Transport and Construction Engineering, 15-А Simyi Sosninykh Str.

Closest markets:

- “Vyshnevyi” market, 30 Zhovtneva Str. (15-minutes’ walk away from the RC “Shchaslyvyi”);

- “Stolychnyi” market, 5 km away from the RC “Shchaslyvyi”.

Closest shops:

- trading center “Kvartal-Ekonom-Mahazyn”, 9 Mashynobudivnykiv Str.;

- “Fora”, 31-А Zhovtneva Str.;

- “Okeaniia” Fish World” supermarket, 46-A Viacheslava Chornovola Str.;

- “ATB-Market”, at the crossroads of Kyivska and Skifska streets.


- three iBox payment terminals: in the Lesyk store, 2 Kyivska Str., and at 46 Viacheslava Chornovola Str.;

- “PrivatBank”, 43 Viacheslava Chornovola Str.;

- “Mykhailivskyi” bank, 1-B Velyka Kiltseva Str.;

- Radius network ATM, 2 Hryhorovycha-Barskoho Str.;

- “Raiffeisenbank Aval” ATM, 1/2 Symyrenko Str.


“Pershyi Kilometr”, “AvtoZAZ” are the nearest stops of minibuses 366, 369, 480, 720, 721, 820, 904 (following to the “Vystavkovyi Tsentr” metro station).

Closest to the complex is the requested stop “MasterOk” on the other side of the road; the minibus 576 goes by there.

The next closest stop is named “Yuzhnaia Borshchagivka”, where there stop bus 56 and minibuses 208, 306, 369, 480, 576, 720, 721, 777, 820, 904.

2,5 km away from the RC there is a railway station “Vyshneve”. The next is “Zhuliany”.

The nearest stop of trams No.1 and No.2 is “Hryhorovycha-Barskoho” (2,3 km away from the RC “Shchaslyvyi”, 28-minutes’ walk).

The International Zhuliany Airport is in the near of the complex too.


- 19-minutes’ walk to the lake at Mashynobudivnykiv Str. (1,6 km);

- 25-minutes’ walk to the picturesque Vira lake (2 km).

For hobby:

- “Maks Rybalka” hobby products shop, Pestelia Str.;

- “Kameliia” flowers shop, 3 Vyshneva Str.;

Nearest cafes and restaurants:

- Pizza Capone Italian restaurant, 5 Mashynobudivnykiv Str.;

- PIZZAPOLY, 46-A Viacheslava Chornovola Str.;

- “Grand Cherry” restaurant, 26 Sviatoshynska Str.;

- “Troyanda” cafe, 40-B Sviatoshynska Str.;

- café at the FS ОKKО, 38 Kyivska Str.

On the right side of the complex:

- “Okolytsia” café (2-А Kyivska Str.);

- “Nika” café and bar, 8 Kyivska Str.;

- Piastrapizza, 31 Myru Str.;

- RED Café European cuisine restaurant, 40 Myru Str.;

- “Penal” bar, 36 Myru Str.;

- EGIN Lounge Cafe, 36 Myru Str.;

- “Khanami” sushi bar, 6 Ivana Franko Str.;

- “To-To Pizza” pizza restaurant, 8 Boholiubova Str.;

- Siesta restaurant, 2 Dymytrova Str.

In order to accommodate guests for a night one may take rooms given for rent by owners of premium private houses or use hotel services:

- Siesta Hotel, 2 Dymytrova Str.;

- “Kyiv 365” Hotel, 1 Mala Kiltseva Str.

In the neighborhood of the RC “Shchaslyvyi” one may find:

Cars Service:

- FS OKKO Т1012, 38 Kyivska Str.;

- “Avtostar” cars repair and services, 4 Travneva Str.;

- “Mitsubishi NIKOL-MOTORS” showroom, 24 Kyivska Str.;

- LLC “Automobile Technologies”, 3 Kyivska Str.;

- two filling stations KLO: at 2 Kyivska Str. and at Viacheslava Chornovola Str. (near the Fora shop);

- “Avtozaz” suspensions shop, 2 Tolstoho Str.;

- “Autocenter at Kiltseva”, 2 Tolstoho Str.

For repairs:

- building and construction products shop, 11 Vyshneva Str.;

- “Germinal Studio” curtains shop, 6 Lesi Ukrainky Str.;

- WOLMART lighting equipment shopping mall, 6 Lesi Ukrainky Str.;

- “Home Textiles”, 16 Boholiubova Str.;

- “ProfilPlus” building and construction materials shop, 12 Boholiubova Str.


- “Buratino” shop, 20 Lesi Ukrainky Str.;

- Viva Moda clothing store, 20 Lesi Ukrainky Str.;

- BABBIE shopping center (kids clothing), 20 Lesi Ukrainky Str.;

- “Dytiacha Kramnytsia” kids clothing shop, 8 Boholiubova Str.;

- “Raduha” kids shop, 8 Boholiubova Str., office 5;

- “Sunshine” women clothing shop, 8 Boholiubova Str.;

- “Bublyk” shop, 8 Boholiubova Str.


- “Lana” hairdresser’s salon, 20 Lesi Ukrainky Str.

On the left side of the complex one may find:

- LLC “ProfAutoService” – full-range of body repair services (51 Viacheslava Chornovola Str.);

- “Poliplast” building materials shop, 41 Viacheslava Chornovola Str.;

- KOLSS-facade furniture shop, 6 Vyshneva Str.;

- “Inzhenernaya Santekhnika”, 40-V Sviatoshynska Str.;

- wedding chapel, Vyshneve town Civil Status Acts Registration, Zhovtneva Str. 27.

On the opposite side of the “Yuzhnaia Borshchagovka” stop:

- PJSC “Ukrainian Development Bank”, Velyka Kiltseva Str.;

- “Dobroho Dnia” pharmacy, 12 Kiltseva Roadway;

- “Krai” supermarket arranging in its area sporting complex, photo studio, home decorations shop, second hand, and cosmetics shops. There is also a kiosk near the shopping mall. 1 Hryhorovycha-Barskoho Str.

- NOVUS supermarket, 12 Kiltseva Roadway;

- “Praktiker Ukraine”, Kiltseva Roadway 12.


- “Mebel Ukrainy”, 2 Velyka Kiltseva Str.;

- “Exclusive” furniture shop, 110 Kiltseva Roadway;

- “YEVROPA-STYL” furniture shop, 110 Velyka Kiltseva Str.;

- “Floors and Doors” chain of shops, 110 Kiltseva Roadway;

- 925 silver jewellery, 4 Velyka Kiltseva Str.;

- Watsons, 4 Zholudeva Str.;

- “Mobilochka” showroom, 4 Velyka Kiltseva Str.;

- “Android Mobile Accessories”, 9/12 Symyrenko Str.;

- “Karavan” hypermarket, 17 Simyi Sosninykh Str.;

- “Vesiolaya Zateya” shop of goods for celebrations, 2 N. Trublayini Str.

Car drivers will be gladly serviced by:

- “Acura-Center Kyiv” showroom, 14 Kiltseva Roadway;

- automobiles showroom, 2-А Hryhorovycha-Barskoho Str.;

- “Kuzma” service station, gas for cars, natural gas equipment installation, 2-А Hryhorovycha-Barskoho Str.;

- “Avtoapteka” (accumulators, motor oils, automotive grease, and chemical goods), 5-А Zodchykh Str.;

- spare parts for Mercedes and VW, 5 Zodchykh Str.;

- YourAuto automobile and bus services, 5-А Zodchykh Str., shop No.67;

- SS “Kiev”, 12 Velyka Kiltseva Str.;

- Gas Station “UkrAutoGas”, 2 Hryhorovycha-Barskoho Str.;

- FS WOG, 1 Zholudeva Str.;

- FS LLC PKP “Fobos”, 17 Sosninykh Str.;

- FS PE “Capital Project”, #24, 17-А Simyi Sosninykh Str.;

- LLC “Volvo-Ukraine”, 20/1-А Kiltseva Roadway;

- FS KLO, 1-B N. Trublayini Str.;

- LLC “Arma-Motors”, 18 Kiltseva Roadway;

- KLO self-service car wash, 1 Trublayini Str.;

- SS “Start”, 2 N. Trublayini Str.;

- “Panavto” moto-shop, 22 Kiltseva Roadway;

- spare parts for Scania, service station, LLC Firm “Proskan”, 22 Kiltseva Roadway.

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