Interview with a Happy Family Residing in the RC «Shchaslyvyi»


NovaBydova has an exciting tradition of organizing the residential development opening celebrations. Such ab event took place in October 2015 in the RC «Shchaslyvyi» at Lenina Street in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka. During the celebration many residents won valuable prizes, while the main prize went into hands of Dmytro and Tania. We decided to interview this family. You may find many of their answers useful for the purchase of an apartment!

Q: Tania and Dima, you have recently sent to NovaBydova amazing pictures of the trip. Can you say you are happy and why? Did you have a good rest?

T&D: Yes, we think we are happy people because we have the most valuable things in life. I mean our family, wonderful son, and our own housing where we feel happy! And owing to Yevhen Petrovych (Ye.P. Savochka is NovaBydova’s Director General – author’s note), who organized the celebration, we became happy winners of a trip to Egypt. Our rest was wonderful – the sea, the sun and us... It was our best trip, because we have never been abroad before. It was like a fairy tale and it was all-inclusive!

Q: What does one need to know before going to Egypt?

T&D: That the flight may be delayed, because we began to panic! And there’s another thing – you can’t take away shells, corals, or papyrus paintings unless you have a permit; otherwise you get fined...

Q: Do NovaBydova apartments resemble Egyptian housing? What took you by surprise?

T&D: You know, Egyptian housing is much inferior to the housing that NovaBydova builds. We’ve seen how Bedouins live there; instead of real housing they have common tents with no light or water supply. We felt pity for them, but we also realized that we need to value what we have. We believe they are the same happy people like us.

Q: Do you remember the number of your lucky ticket that won a trip to Egypt for you?

T&D: We will never forget it. Our lucky ticket was No.96. Many memories are connected with it!

Q: Did you have that feeling that you’re gonna win the trip?

T&D: The idea of a trip never came to our minds. We really wanted to win the 32-inch plasma TV that we miss. So when all other prizes went to their owners I stood and prayed; I had my hands on my chest and the ticket in my right pocket. When I saw Olia (Olha Freimut – author’s note) pulling the blue ticket – which is the color of our house – and heard number 9, I thought that it was ours! As our family came to the stage my initial thought was “I still have my maiden name in the international passport! What I’m gonna do?” But our friends – NovaBydova company – helped resolve the issue.

Q: You spent all day long at the development opening celebration, which is a clear evidence of your determination and faith. Tell us how did you make the housing choice and what were your selection criteria?

T&D: Right, we spent the entire day at the celebration and took active part in all contests. As for the way we chose housing, it was very simple. It all began in the early 2013, when we made our first investment payment in the very first house 10-А. We did not consider any other options. We were simply offered to invest our money and not bother, because the developer was reliable. So we believed and we were not disappointed. Our target was to have our own apartment, even a small one. We realized that it wasn’t in Kyiv, but it was only 5 minutes away from the subway, which was ok for us, and that’s also the reason why we like this neighborhood. We had no criteria because we are ordinary people and we were fine with what our developer constructed.

Q: Are you happy with your apartment choice?

T&D: Of course! We are happy and our son is happy – just look at the playgrounds here! Everything is very-very good, and fresh air is the best thing about it.

Q: What do you like about your apartment and the “Shchaslyvyi” development most of all?

T&D: We like everything about our apartment – comfort, harmony, new dreams and love. But we haven’t finished our repair yet, so we haven’t tasted the pleasure of simply dreaming and thinking how to achieve our dreams yet. The development is marvelous. Especially because it will have its own kindergarden right here and we will have no need to travel anywhere! The development is full of wonderful people; we made new friends here, who are very supportive.

Q: How long have you been waiting for your apartment?

T&D: We got married in October 2011 and bought the apartment in 2013. Though we moved into it on 2015 New Year ’s Eve. As for the second apartment, we didn’t have to wait for it – we sold our apartment and bought the new one on the same day. See how lucky we are!

Q: Did you make estimations of when your apartment would pay off comparing to the rent?

T&D: We didn’t have to rent housing. We lived with my husband’s parents.

Q: What advantages of having your own housing can you name?

T&D: There is only one advantage and we believe that everyone will agree with it: it doesn’t matter whether it’s a 1-2-3-4- or 5-room apartment, what’s most important is that it is YOURS and you are its owners!

Q: Tell us what those who plan to buy an apartment need to know about the development?

T&D: They need to know that they have a good traffic interchange and infrastructure here, everything is in the near – shops, metro, fresh air. And the key point is that the developer is reliable – as it said, so it will be; all buildings have been brought in operation ahead of the deadlines.

Q: Do you believe that you’ll have lots of luck in the RC «Shchaslyvyi» yet and why?

T&D: NovaBydova became very dear to us. We know the management and sales managers for a long time, all of them are wonderful and polite people. And what is very important, they are always there to resolve any issues. We believe we’ll have lots of luck because they keep on constructing and there will be many more celebrations and contests. We are thankful from the bottoms of our hearts to the company for the trip, for understanding and support, for being here and for what you construct. May God bless you!

Q: We hope that there are many more truly happy people in our development! Thank you for the interview and we wish you comfortable living!

PS: The happy family shared their little unfailing success secret. Dmytro has a notebook where he and Tania write down their dreams and set deadlines by which they have to come true. Tania said that at the beginning of this year Dmytro opened his notebook and recollected that once they wrote down a trip abroad as their dream, and it was a trip to Egypt! Tania described her impressions of the travel as “charming”. The family has already set targets for 2016. Try to use this way of making dreams come true!