RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Sofiivka: Have Confidence in the Future Today!


         Dear customers and everyone intending to buy own new housing near the capital’s Kiltseva (Ring) Road in Sofiivska Borshchagivka in the nearest time! As close as only 800 meters away from Kyiv we finish the construction of two comfortable houses of the RC “Shchaslyvyi”. 

         We are happy to inform you that external utilities water supply, sewerage system, and electricity – have been distributed to the house at 50 Shchaslyva StrWindows have been installed and radiators connected in all apartments. The entire facade of the house has heat insulation.

        Plastering works will soon be over on the last 5th floor. Currently continues the pouring of the cement creed on the floor. In sections 5 and 6 of the house there has begun installation of entrance doors; the next step is gas boilers connection. Basement premises have doors already, next week one will work on the cement screed there.

         There is progress in works in entrances, which have been puttied, painted, and prepared for the “spray” decorative screed. Also masters are laying tiles in sections 5 and 6. The decoration of office entrances will soon be over. The territory near the building is being levelled for landscaping.

          The residential complex’s last house at 61 Shchaslyva Str. is catching up in terms of the volume of completed works! At present workers insulate the facade of the building and mount shields over chimneys. Water supply and the sewerage system have been distributed to the house already, whereas all floors but the fifth have been connected to electricity.

           КВЕ windows have been installed everywhere. Soon partition walls will be erected on the 5th floor of the 2nd section. Next week there begins plastering of walls in apartments of sections 1, 2, and 3, which has already been done in the section 4. Plumbing works continue in sections 3 and 4.

          The first RCShchaslyvyiin Sofiivka consisting of 5 comfortable ecological red brick houses will be completely built as soon as this year. In order to have a happy New Year you need to visit our sales office today at the address: 74 Voloshkova Str., v. Sofiivska Borshchagivka. For more details call (044) 223-76-76 and (067) 735-76-76. Sign up for the on-site visit today, because RC “Shchaslyvyi” apartments in Sofiivka are sold out on a daily basis, as future dwellers get top quality for moderate price.

Attention! Completion date of the house at 50 Shchaslyva street placed two months earlier.