Dear clients and everyone desiring to purchase own cozy European-quality apartment in the RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Sofiivka. Let us share with you the latest news about the construction progress of our complex in Kyiv’s picturesque outskirts.

     The building at 50 Shchaslyva Str. has been reliably roofed over with the use of waterproof materials, heat insulation layer, vapor and water barriers, and plaster boards. The mounting of roof shingles, storm water runoff, and overhangs is about to be finished.

    Facade works advance ahead of schedule. The 5th floor is being currently insulated with polystyrene foam slabs and plastered with decorative stucco. As soon as Monday we will begin cementing floors with screed in apartments and common areas.

    The installation of Schiedel chimneys in the building is about to end. The installation of REHAU windows is expected to finish by the end of the week. Also the mounting of entrance doors in the entrances of the building will soon be over.

   All apartments and office premises already have electricity supply; electric service panels are being installed on landings. Interior partition walls have been built in the entire building. Pipework has been routed in all apartments.

   Based on the assessment of the high maturity level of the house at 50 Shchaslyva Str. one may state with confidence that our customers will be able to meet the New Year in their ready for living apartments.

   The fifth floor of the neighboring house at 61 Shchaslyva Str. has been covered with slabs and beginning with the next week the building will be roofed over. Walls in the basement area have already been plastered. At present builders finish placing the ventilating ducts and begin the mounting of chimneys. Partition walls are being erected in apartments on the 5th floor, plastering works continue on the 2nd floor. The installation of doors began in entrances of the building. Electricity distribution works are done on the 5th floor.

   This being said we invite everyone, who desires to have a house-warming in the RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Sofiivska Borshchagivka as soon as this year, to our sales offices. For detailed information contact us at (044) 223-76-76 and (067) 735-76-76.