Dear dwellers of the house at 50 Shchaslyva Street and future residents of the RC “Shchaslyvyi”!

     Let us inform you that the 4th construction phase has been successfully brought into operation in the Sofiivska Borshchagivka village at the address 50 Shchaslyva Street.

     We are happy to tell you that we have already obtained the Construction Completion Declaration No. КС 143142100592! The document is available at our Central Office at the address: 80 Voloshkova Street, v. Sofiivska Borshchagivka. All willing to review the Declaration may visit our company’s legal office.

     We also inform you that the house will be connected to all utility systems within the next coming 3 months.

     Let us draw your attention to the fact that the house at 50 Shchaslyva Street has been brought into operation as many as 6 months ahead of the declared deadline!

     Dear clients, we wish you a fast and successful finish of all repair works, as well as happy and joyful living in this cozy house! And to those, who have not yet purchased an apartment in the RC “Shchaslyvyi”, we recommend to visit our sales offices in Petropavlivska and Sofiivska Borshchagivka. Call right now: 044-228-63-61, 067-990-46-46 (Petropavlivka) and 044-223-76-76, 067-735-76-76 (Sofiivka).

RCShchaslyvyi”: happiness is having your own apartment with documents!