The progress of NovaBydova’s construction works in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka is as stable as it was. Traditionally, we are happy to provide the news from the construction site of the Shchaslyvyi complex to all of our investors, including those people who are in search of an apartment or simply show interest in housing.

The house at 14-А,Б,В Soborna Str. undergoes the installation of boilers and meters, as well as the mounting of stair railings in entrances; both the interior and exterior painting of entrances will be finished soon. The territory near the building is being actively developed and improved. In the house there are storerooms available for sale on the floors. The building process of the house at 20-А,Б,В Oksamytova Str. is very dynamic. The first three sections of it have been erected up to the 7th floor, while the 4th section is erected up to the 4th floor. Internal partition walls have been placed in all of them. The foundation was laid and the blocks have been placed in sections 5 and 6; brickworks will begin there soon.

It’s a great pleasure to make own life in RC “Shchaslyvyi” because it provides everything for one’s comfort. NovaBydova has built bright playgrounds for kids and a kindergarten that opened its doors for many children. A multifunctional sports ground is available for adults here. The development has grocery stores, cafes, flower shops, tailor’s shops, pharmacies, and a beauty salon. It’s so convenient to have everything one may need at hand! At the same time, smart location of the complex allows to enjoy Kyiv’s infrastructure.

This all makes RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Petropavlivka a wonderful and smart choice for your life! Do not put your dreams away for later, get a new apartment of your own today! Contact our sales offices at (093) 905-28-28 or (067) 990-46-46 and come for a personal on-site review to make the best purchase for holidays!

RC “Shchaslyvyi” – Happiness Is in the Near!