It’s the Best Time to Buy an Apartment in RC “Shchaslyvyi”


Many real estate experts say that summer time is the best season for buying the new housing. The season of vacations is a great opportunity to select the best designs and an apartment of your dream in a house with good location, transport connection, and convenient infrastructure.

For you to get to know about such advantageous offers, we suggest studying NovaBydova’s constructions in one of the most developing city districts – Sofiivska Borshchahivka. The construction of the residential complex “Shchaslyvyi” is in full progress at Yabluneva Street. Owing to continuity of operations, the developer finishes the construction of many developments ahead of the declared deadlines. This makes it possible for investors and residents to start repair works and make their new apartments comfortable as soon as possible.

Thus, facade insulation works are finishing in the 2nd construction phase of the house 13 - А, Б at Yabluneva Str. The territory will be developed and tiled soon. Inside works progress dynamically as well – floors are tiled, ceilings are ready, finishing works are almost done. The last floors are being constructed in the 3rd construction phase of the houses 13 - В, Г at Yabluneva Str. The building of houses 9 – А, Б and 9 - В, Г at Yabluneva Street is in full swing. The pit is being prepared, whereas for one section a slab was poured and foundation wall blocks were placed. Column concreting works will be over in the near at 6 Yabluneva Street soon and the builders will get down to the construction of the first floor. But, besides all other things, “Shchaslyvyi” has a special feature that will ensure an opportunity for kids to always stay in the near of their homes – this is a kindergarten that will be constructed right in the yard of the house. This is very convenient for parents, who will be able to bring their kids there on the way to work and forget about spending more time for travelling or coming late for work in the morning. Works on the pouring of the armored belt and the laying of the kindergarten’s first floor continue here.

So, if you are considering the purchase of new housing and looking for a good place that has everything necessary for comfortable living, hurry up to contact our sales office at 5-А Yabluneva Str. In case of any questions call (067) 735-76-76 or (067) 885-40-40, and don’t forget to come for a personal review! Make your dream about new housing come true and fill your summer with happy moments in RC “Shchaslyvyi”!