News from the Construction Site at 20 Oksamytova Street


We keep on sharing about works done at our construction sites with our investors and readers.

The following works are running in the house 20 Oksamytova Str. in the residential complex in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka:

Sections 1-2 (house 20-А): facade painting works are completely done. All apartments of the house are locked and gas meters are installed in all of them.

Sections 3-4 (house 20-Б): facade decoration and painting works are winding up. Cement screed has been poured in apartments and plastering works continue there; entrances of the house are being tiled.

Sections 5-6 (house 20-В): the 11th floor is under construction in these sections; roofing works will begin soon.

Sections 7-9 (house 20-Г): these sections are erected up to the 7th floor with the 8th floor being under construction. Interior works, such as building of inter-flat partition walls, continue here. Development of the territory near this house is just about to begin.

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