RC “Shchaslyvyi” uniquely combines quality of construction, developed infrastructure and comfortable living. NovaBydoba company is glad to share about construction stages of its residential complex in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka.

The 8th floor of the 6th construction phase, which is an 11-storey house at 10-Д/1 Lenina Str., is under construction. Windows have been installed up to the 6th floor, whereas electricity and sewerage pipelines have been distributed up to the 4th floor. Construction of the building at 10-Ж Lenina Str. is progressing very fast; this will be a modern kindergarten right near the house 10-Д/1 for the convenience of residents of the “Shchaslyvyi” development. At the moment the house shell of the future kindergarten is erected and all windows are placed; one needs to finish the facade insulation and roofing works. As for the 7th construction phase, houses 14-А, Б, В at Lenina Str. have been built up to the 5th floor.

It is our pleasure to tell the dwellers of the house 10-Д at Lenina Str. that all utility lines have been distributed and connected to the building. Gas supply will be provided within a month. Please be reminded that apartments of the house 10-Д/1 at Lenina Str. are on sale. So everyone who wants an apartment overlooking a lake should make haste to contact our sales offices at the RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka by calling (044) 228-63-61, (067) 990-46-46, or coming in person for an apartment review. As we approach the spring holidays, NovaBydova and RC “Shchaslyvyi” give you a possibility to take part in the exclusive promotion “Golden Gift”.

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