NovaBydova is happy to update you on the best offers of RC «Shchaslyvyi» in Petropavlivka and to let you know about the construction progress of houses at 14 – А, Б, В Soborna Str. and 20 – А, Б, В Oksamytova Str.

Facade works in the 7th construction phase at 14–А, Б, В Soborna Str. are at the final stage. Armored doors and radiators are installed in apartments and entrance halls are tiled. The territory near the house is cleaned and will be developed soon. In parallel, the erection of the brick house shell of the 8th construction phase at 20 – А, Б, В Oksamytova Str. is in a dynamic progress; previous sections of the development already have 3 and 4 floors respectively.

Surely, apartment choice is a comprehensive issue, because it’s not only about having a place to organize one’s personal space. When making a choice, we don’t want to bother whether the development will be brought in operation on time, about the quality of construction materials, general development of the district, availability of public transport etc. Every Ukrainian, who intends to buy housing, comes up with these and many other issues. That is why by choosing RC «Shchaslyvyi» you at the same time receive an entire package of factors necessary for comfortable living, they include:

  • convenient and picturesque location of the development;
  • developed infrastructure in terms of both the residential complex (pharmacies, tailor’s shop and workshops, cafés and restaurants, beauty salons, grocery stores and many other), and the city infrastructure (such supermarkets as Billa, Epicenter etc.);
  • the development has its own housing and utilities office and a public kindergarten;
  • convenient transport infrastructure; and
  • a nicely developed territory near the complex with playgrounds for kids, sports field, benches, green plants, and adornment of the development – its own fountain.

RC «Shchaslyvyi» offers decent quality of living. Please, call our sales offices to get to know about available apartments and study modern apartment designs (097) 409-36-36, (050) 926-03-80. Do take time to come for a personal review and make the best choice of yours.

Happy people reside at RC «Shchaslyvyi»!