Another House from RC «Shchaslyvyi» Brought in Operation!


We are pleased to report that the house 10-Д/1 at Soborna Str. was brought in operation in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka! We congratulate all owners and our investors! Let us remind that you may study the Construction Completion Declaration No. КС142162731730 in the legal department of NovaBydova at 80 Voloshkova Street. It should also be mentioned that right in the near of RC «Shchaslyvyi» locates a modern kindergarten that was successfully opened and welcomes children from the development and from Petropavlivka. Many other advantages of the complex include the availability of grocery shops, beauty salons, pharmacies, a coffee shop, flower shops, cafes, a restaurant, a tailor’s shop etc. Yet, besides its own infrastructure and comfortable design, the residential development’s main merit is the proximity to Kyiv with its shopping malls and public transport stops.

So hurry up to learn about our up-to-date offers in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka or consult our managers about available apartment designs. You may also come for a personal review to make a choice of your new housing! Call our sales office at the following contact numbers: (044) 223-76-76, (067) 885-40-40. Your apartment is waiting for you!

RC «Shchaslyvyi» – happiness is near!