Petropavlivska Borshchagivka is the Choice of Happy People!


The house number 10-А:
for the convenience of future office owners:
- the roof covering has been mounted; and
- billboards have been placed.

Dwellers of the house 10-B continue with repairs while settling in a new house and their own homes.
Partition walls have been erected in office premises of the house at the address 10-V Lenina Street.

The construction of the house 10-G is at its final stage:
- in apartments all internal finishing works are done so far;
- gas boilers and meters have been installed;
- all entrances of the house have been tiled;
- there is dynamic progress in walls puttying in entrances of sections 1 and 2;
- the supply line is being laid for the wastewater disposal; and
- storerooms and office premises are being plastered fast.

The sale of apartments and other premises will start in the house 10-D soon. So be attentive and follow news on the company’s main website!
- the 11th floor is being erected already;
- internal partition walls have been mounted on floor 7; and
- the distribution of electricity and plumbing system is taking place at the same time.
Contact our sales offices as soon as possible, please:

sales office #1 (067) 409-36-36, sales office #2 (067) 990-46-46. Don’t lose your chance to become a happy owner of an apartment overlooking a lake and a forest! Nature’s neighborhood secures pleasure in life and strong health in the entire family!