- enjoy fast access to 2 metro lines,

- live in brick houses, and

- benefit from recreation areas.

The NovaBydova Company has three RCs “Shchaslyvyi” – at the distance of 800, 600, and 300 m away from Kyiv – and three detached apartment houses.

1. 600 m away from Kyiv, in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka, a forest and a lake practically two steps away. 5 houses of the development kept up in the same style combining black and yellow. They have amusing playgrounds and a fountain. Well-developed infrastructure – shops, pharmacies, banks.

Around 600 families, including some celebrities, reside at 10-А, B, and V Lenina Street. Almost all dwellers are done with their repairs.

Regarding the 200-apartment house 10-G:

- the setting up of all utilities lines is finished (water supply, waste water disposal, electricity supply);

- stormwater drainage is done;

- the territory near houses is being smoothed down;

- walls of entrances 1-4 are being painted fast; and

- plastering works in store rooms and basement premises are nearing their completion.

The 11th floor is just about to be finished in the house 10-D:

- windows installed in the half of the building; and

- electricity and sanitary outputs distributed up to the 10th floor.

2. 800 m away from Kyiv:

Dwellers have long time ago moved into the “Shchaslyvyi” complex in Soffiivska Borshchagivka, which is designed to include 500 families. All houses are brought into operation. Free parking and green plantings are there in the territory. Public services and amenities are provided by the own Public Services and Utilities Office. Another driveway with road marking was laid alongside houses 50 and 61 (offering for sale two-room apartments from 60 to 72 m2). There are many ways of how one may get to the complex, and there’s no traffic here in rush hours. That is why the air is fresh here. Garages are offered for sale in the underground facilities. Modern playgrounds are placed in the yards. Young people, teenagers, and moms with baby carriages have rest in a mini-park with horizontal bars and swings or walk around the territory of a premium private sector. There are 3 shops, a clothing and shoes repair shop, a dry-cleaner, and a vehicle service station.

3. 300 m away from Kyiv at Yabluneva Street a new development is being constructed. The 1st house has 5 entrances, 11 floors. As many as 3 floors are ready, and timber beams are being placed fast on the 4th. Follow our news or contact our sales offices to find out about when apartments are available for sale. Right over the road there are Praktiker, Novus, and Krai, and behind the latter – a picturesque lake, a church, and a school.

Find out more information by calling: (067) 409 36 36 (Petropavlivka), (067) 735 76 76 (Sofiivka). May be, this is the day when you’ll step in to your own apartment!