As residents and investors may know, another happy event took place in Sofiivska Borshchahivka on the 23rd of April – the opening celebration of 3 construction phases of the “Shchaslyvyi” complex and the capsule burial for the construction of a kindergarten. The holiday was filled with bright emotions, congratulations, performances of favorite celebrities, and a heartful setting. At the end of the celebration there was a long-awaited and intriguing draw of valuable prizes from the NovaBydova Company that loves seeing happy faces of its residents and making dreams come true.

We had a chance to converse with the winners of the main prize – a travel voucher to the exotic Cyprus. Iryna and Oleksandr agreed to share their impressions of the unforgettable trip.

Q.: Oleksandr and Iryna, describe what emotions did you feel when you realized that the trip to Cyprus was yours?

Iryna: It was unexpected. Of course, everyone wants to win, but eventually there’s only one winner. I was as happy as a lark, because my husband works a lot and he simply needs rest. Moreover, we moved from the Crimea, so we are used to the sea. Now the Crimea is unavailable. That is why this prize is a real holiday for us. Besides, we are very grateful to the people who helped us prepare all documents. I don’t remember a single case when somebody would take care of us or do something for us. Everything was arranged and we simply enjoyed it all.

Oleksandr: As for me, I said “Well, that’s the way it should be!” (laughing) In general, we were very happy, especially me as I watched my wife cheering. It’s a pity we could not take all our family members, but it was still a good time. Thank you so much!

Q: Did you spend all day long at the opening celebration of RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Sofiivka? What were your impressions?

Iryna: We bought two apartments in RC “Shchaslyvyi” – one for kids and one for us. All of us came, and we even felt sorry for not taking our relatives with us. We really liked the celebration, because everything was made with love and every detail was well organized. We had a good and pleasant time. It’s great that such holidays are organized by the developer (NovaBydova). Many developers build the houses, sell apartments and bid farewell. That was not the case. It’s a pleasure to see that it takes care of the people.

Q: Did you expect that you will be the winners?

Oleksandr: Well, it was rather surprising to my wife; to me it simply reaffirmed my gut sense. I had this feeling that we’re gonna win.

Q: How often do you have luck? Can you say that you are lucky?

Iryna: It never happened to us before! But we had some luck with your company – we won a branded cup, whereas our son and daughter-in-law won tickets to “The Voice” final. So I don’t know what to think, maybe we should buy another apartment from you!

Oleksandr: Normally, I never take part in anything like this, I don’t believe in games of chance. But there were no options, so I thought: “Ok. Let’s go for it.”

Q: How did you like Cyprus? Did you know anything about the Island before your trip?

Iryna: We arrived in a marvelous hotel. Because of its location we had a chance to not only stay at the seaside, but also to walk around the city. We are not the ones who love staying at the beach all day long. We are very happy with the trip and very thankful for the way everything was arranged.

Oleksandr: It was a revelation to me that Cyprus is a tough island for life. Because of its volcanic soil, it’s really hard to grow anything here. Even though it wasn’t easy, people managed to make the island look like a candy. Our family was displaced from the Crimea, so to certain extent Cyprus reminded us of it.

Q: What impressed you about Cyprus most of all?

Iryna: Hospitability of the people, the warm welcome they gave, and that everyone tried to help. Also, it seemed to us that Cypriots love their culture very much. We even had themed nights devoted to the Cyprian culture. I liked it a lot. Everything there is designed for tourists to enjoy their time and rest.

Q: How long do you live in RC “Shchaslyvyi”? Why did you choose our complex?

Iryna: We just bought our new housing. At first we rented an apartment in the near and observed the construction progress, how fast it was and that works never stopped. We also find its location very convenient.

Q: Are you happy with your apartment? Would you recommend your friends buying an apartment in RC “Shchaslyvyi”?

We received the keys and formalized the documents just a short time ago, now we plan to get down to repairs. Yes, we recommend this housing and we are happy that many our friends bought apartments here too, and that they will live in the same house with us.

Q: Do you believe that you will have more luck in RC “Shchaslyvyi”?

Iryna: Of course I do!

Oleksandr: We are not after it, but we don’t mind getting lucky one more time!

We thank Oleksandr and Iryna for an interesting conversation! We also wish all our residents to believe in their dreams and build their happy lives in RC “Shchaslyvyi”.

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