Happy News from RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka


It’s sometimes difficult for a resident of the capital to imagine life in a small town. Though Kyivans want to relax and enjoy nature at times, the metropolis offers so many advantages that we can’t imagine our lives without them. But what if a small and cozy town has everything one needs in terms of comfort? “City Town” is the concept of RC “Shchaslyvyi” that has it all. NovaBydova gladly reports about construction stages of the development and about the hottest offers in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka.

External and internal works like insulation, facade plastering and coloring, and doors installation, are in the dynamic progress in the houses 14 – А, Б, В at Soborna Str. In parallel, the cement screed is poured and radiators are placed there. A new modern kindergarten will be opened quite soon at 10–Ж Soborna Str.; its territory is being developed now. In the meantime, the armor-clad belt was laid between the 3rd and the 4th floors of the first section of the house at 20 Oksamytova Str., whereas the brickwork is going on in other sections. The “Shchaslyvyi” development has shops, cafes and a nice coffee house, a pharmacy, a private clinic, a beauty salon, tailor shops, a little flower shop etc. It also offers a sports ground and playgrounds for kids along with a really unique opportunity to walk near a lake, which is in the near of the complex. All of this is just 500 m away from Kyiv.

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Happy people reside in RC “Shchaslyvyi”.