Happy News from Lviv: NovaBydova Makes a Celebration at Provesin Educational Center


Good works are a good way to get people united. At NovaBydova everyone knows that one becomes happy only when one helps and shares happiness with other people. The event that took place on the 16th of September in Lviv followed the same principle. It was a wonderful celebration at the Provesin educational establishment at 151-Б Hlynianskyi Trakt.

Very soon a new and modern residential complex “Shchaslyvyi” will spring up near Provesin Center. It is the aim of NovaBydova to not only build high-quality housing, the company also strives to contribute to the infrastructure in its district for the convenience of all its residents. Thus, the educational center for kids in Lviv was the first establishment of that kind. With the support of the Company they have developed the nearby territory, equipped the physics classroom with desks and a board and the facilities with necessary equipment and other stuff. For a smooth and effective study process and for leisure fun children need decent and comfortable conditions that would help reveal their potential.

Famous guests arrived to take part in the celebration. The unfailing face of the company and loved by many TV-host came to greet students and their parents. The visit of the TV-host was sensation and evoked a shower of positive emotions. Moreover, everyone was touched by the amusing and inspiring singing of “The Voice” winner Vitalina Musiienko, who also talked to her young fans and signed autographs.

Provesin educational center, which includes the preschool and the primary school, is located in the near of “Shchaslyvyi” residential complex in Lviv and was the first establishment to receive necessary support from the NovaBydova company. In future the number of such establishments will increase. Follow our news!

RC «Shchaslyvyi» has the best!