We are happy to share news about the building of the “Shchaslyvyi” development from NovaBydova with everyone who is interested in buying housing in Lviv.

The erection of the 1st construction phase is ongoing. The building of the cast-in-place concrete frame of the 7th house has already begun. Its exterior walls are made of the red brick and are erected up to the second floor. Every apartment will have an indirect heating system, a double flow gas boiler, radiators, windows, and doors.

Basement floors of all three houses planned in the complex in Lviv are designed as commercial facilities. In Kyiv’s developments in Sofiivska and Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, such facilities are rented for cafes, various shops, supermarkets, salons, pharmacies etc. This is a good chance for business owners and for those who dreamt of their own or family business for a long time.

Besides, the complex will offer a well-developed and green territory with recreation areas, its own fountain, a big field for sports, playgrounds for children, as well as surface and underground parking.

In order to get more detailed information about our “Shchaslyvyi” residential development in Lviv, come to our sales office that is in the center of the city at 26 Chaikovskoho Str. or contact us at (032) 253-37-07 or (067) 426-70-70. Our managers will let you know about our best offers and will help you choose the apartment you’ve been looking for!

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