NovaBydova keeps on informing you about construction progress in Petropavlivska and Sofiivska Borshchahivka and about the up-to-date offers in RC «Shchaslyvyi».

As reported previously, the building of the development at Yabluneva Str. in Sofiivska Borshchahivka is in full swing. It should be mentioned that the district’s infrastructure has been developing continuously, just like the infrastructure of RC «Shchaslyvyi». So far a groceries store and a pets shop have been opened in the house 5-А, Б, В at Yabluneva Str. After a while Fora supermarket will open in the house 13-А, Б, which will help the residents easily buy everything they need without leaving their complex. Plastering and screed pouring works are ongoing in the 10-storey house 13-В, Г at Yabluneva Str. We remind those, who made investments in this house, that store rooms have been put on sale. The 4th construction phase at Yabluneva Street is being erected fast and already has 7 floors; in the near the 3rd floor is built in the 5th construction phase.

The following works continue in “Shchaslyvyi” complex at 14-А, Б, В Soborna Str. in Petropavlivka: internal finishing works in entrances, electric wiring and sewerage pipes distribution. The territory of the house is being developed. In parallel the first sections at 20-А, Б, В Oksamytova Str. have been erected up to the 6th floor, and internal partition works will be installed soon. We remind investors in the house 10-Д/1 at Soborna Str. that there are store rooms available for sale in your house!

Do not procrastinate; we have offers that you’ll like! For detailed information contact our sales offices either in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka at (093) 905-28-28, (067) 990-46-46, or in Sofiivska Borshchahivka at (044) 223-76-76, (067) 885-40-40. Come for a personal review of your new apartment and surround yourself with a happy environment of RC «Shchaslyvyi»!

RC «Shchaslyvyi» – happiness is near!