Construction in Progress: Fresh News from RC «Shchaslyvyi» in Sofiivska Borshchahivka


NovaBydova keeps on reporting the latest news about its constructions and special offers in Sofiivska Borshchahivka.

So, the facade of the 2nd phase at 13 – А, Б Yabluneva Str. is at the final stage, the first floor is being tiled, while almost the entire territory near it has been paved. There is a good progress of inside works too, like mounting of elevator systems, interior and exterior gas distribution, plastering and finishing works in entrances. The neighboring house at 13 – В, Г Yabluneva Str. is already built up to the 10th floor with the 11th floor under construction. Windows have been placed in the first section up to the 10th floor; plastering works, as well as electricity and sewerage system distribution are ongoing. The 3rd floor has been erected in the 4th construction phase of RC «Shchaslyvyi» and the 2nd floor is built in the 5th phase. In parallel, concrete for the foundation of the 6th construction phase has been poured. Please be reminded that the 1st construction phase in RC «Shchaslyvyi» at 5 – А, Б, В Yabluneva Str. is already brought into operation, and there are only a few apartments left in that building.

Special attention should be given to the convenient location of the Shchaslyvyi development. Stops of the public transport are very close to it; they will help reach such key metro stations as Akademmistechko, Zhytomyrska, Teremky, Ipodrom, or VDNG rapidly. As for the car owners, they will find the following information interesting – there is a drive-in cinema “Kinodrom” and McDonalds fast food almost opposite the development. Besides all of that, Shchaslyvyi has many other factors for your convenience, they include a modern kindergarten, Fora supermarket, shops, recreation areas, playgrounds, and many other.

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Happy people reside at RC «Shchaslyvyi»!