The meeting of Vasily Virastuk, Lika Roman and "Superbook" club with the children of the boarding school in the village Velikopolovetske. 

      In may 19, 2014 team of "NovaBudova" organized a party for the children of the boarding school in the village Velikopolovetske, Kiev region. The creators of popular cartoons "Flying Home", "Spanky", "You are special", "The Story Keepers" and updated 3D cartoon serial "Superbook" helped to hold this fascinating event. A wonderful program with exercises, learning songs, cartoon show, prize quiz and meeting with the cartoon character of "Superbook" – Robin was organized for children. 

     The residents of the residential complex "Schaslyvy" in the Petropavlivka - a multiple champion of the world power competitions, the strongest man in the world in 2004 and 2007 Vasily Virastiuk and Miss Ukraine 2007 Lika Roman were also invited. 

     Vasily Virastiuk taught children his secrets of success in training the body and communicating with people, and held arm wrestling tournament for the boys. Champion of boarding school got a sweet prize from "NovaBudova" and for other participants of the power contest Vasily Virastiuk held cheerful competition "Mr. Dumpling" – who will quickly eat a bowl of dumplings. Properly refreshed, the boys ventured to compete even with the most powerful man in the world - Vasily Virastiuk. 

     Ms. Roman spent talent show "Velikopolovetske Got Talent" A prerequisite of competition was to introduce the idea of each performance. Therefore dancing girls showed how important loyalty and friendship is, and in the song they showed how important the ability to forgive is. The winners were the performers of dance numbers, but a sweet prize was decided to be divided for all participants, as fans decided that the friendship won. And in fact, this orphanage is especially friendly! Lika Roman also told the children that the real beauty - it's a talent that should benefit the people. 

     At the end of the festival "Superbook" team has taught the children a cheerful song, the girls who won a talent competition had the honor of singing it on the stage. 

     By the end "NovaBudova" company's staff presented paints to repair the school, household chemical goods, stationery and four modern laptops. The "NovaBudova" company visit this place not the first time and plans to continue to take care for it’s energetic, strong, beautiful and talented inhabitants!