New apartment and car at the same time? Easy! Catch the chance to buy an apartment in residential complex "Shchaslyvyi" from the company NovaBudova and become a happy driver of a new car!

Only from April 24 to August 25, anyone who buys* an apartment in RC "Shchaslyvyi" in Kiev or RC " Shchaslyvyi" in Lviv, will surely take part in the drawing of Hyundai Accent!

Apartment in a comfortable complex and a new car - desires become opportunities with us! Learn about the apartments, about our best plans and all the advantages of the "Shchaslyvyi" complexes right now on the phones of the sales departments in Kiev: (044) 393-08-42, (067) 691-60-06, in Lviv: (032) 229-51-75, (067) 561-87-98. We want you to win it!

RC "Shchaslyvyi": happiness is close!