To keep you updated on our latest news, we have prepared a fresh review of works performed in the development in Lviv.

Exterior works: placement of solid concrete floors is finished in the first house while mounting of the flat roof is ongoing there. Building of clay block exterior walls is running on floors 15 and 16. Regular and stained-glass windows are being installed in parallel. They have already been placed on the second, the third, and the fourth floors; the installation is ongoing. Facade decoration and insulation works will begin soon.

Interior works: the building of interior walls is running here; partition walls are being erected on floors 5-8. In addition, wall plastering works continue on floors 1-4; cement screed has been poured on floors of eight apartments so far. We also got down to the placement of water supply and sewerage pipelines in the house.

The district where the complex is constructed develops all the time. Besides residential facilities the complex also has premises for offices, shops, and salons on the ground floor.

Erection of the first construction phase of RC “Shchaslyvyi” at 17 Bihova Street gradually nears its completion. Now is the best time to learn about offers and apartments designs in order to buy an apartment this fall!

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