Olha Freimut, Anton Kopytin, string amazons from the Gravitation quartet, the General Director of NovaBydova, the Head of the Petropavlivska Borshchahivka village council, and the Ukrainian construction sector leaders – where could one possibly meet all of them at the same time? Was it the shooting of Olha Freimut’s new TV-show? Or was it a gala night of “The Voice” show winner Anton Kopytin? Each of the options would be true at its time. But this time the distinguished audience gathered in the capital’s grand hotel Hilton to congratulate NovaBydova to the official opening of the new and marvelous residential complex “Shchaslyvyi” in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka. The quarter of five houses for 1000 apartments with a kindergarten and a fountain beautifully adorns Petropavlivka now.

It is worth noting that every guest made a special contribution to the complex. Kovalska brought the concrete, Budhaus – the brick, КВЕ – the 5-chamber windows, facades have Baumit, and the MPP ADK Architecture Bureau ensured the housing project.

A fancy presentation of the complex by Olha Freimut was really something! She made a reputable statement that “Shchaslyvyi” is truly her choice. By the time the NovaBydova’s general director appeared on the stage to thank his partners, he didn’t have to ponder on the words to say for a long time, because everyone, who is into construction business, knows that building good houses is possible with good partners only.

“Shchaslyvyi” has its own story. It appears that for the first time the complex was drafted on a simple napkin, when the general director met with the chief architect of the project Heorhii Shevchuk at the developer conference. Afterwards persistence and hard work made the dream come true.

It was very nice to hear partners greeting the NovaBydova company. Somebody spoke of its construction quality, somebody commented on the NovaBydova’s sustainability in times of the crisis – the company managed to keep all deadlines for the bringing of houses into operation – others gave credit to the territory development, because today there are only few developers, who bother about the surrounding beauty.

The official part was eloquently concluded by Olha Freimit, who made a remark that it is integrity and responsibility that she likes about NovaBydova most of all. That’s why the TV-show star felt free to claim that her choice was with “Shchaslyvyi”.

There also was a stirring show from Gravitation and many more good words spoken informally. And it even seemed that somebody made some drafts on napkins. Was it new projects? In short, the celebration was great. And it couldn’t be different with such reliable partners!