In autumn one may particularly desire to take care of having a good and warm housing. In RC «Shchaslyvyi» one will always find an appropriate option to buy, be it purchase of an apartment in the finished house or complex, in the house that’s under construction, or apartment with the European-class repair from the developer.

With those of our investors who are looking for housing in the finished development, we want to share about the construction progress of RC «Shchaslyvyi» on Oksamytova Street.

Facade insulation and painting works are already finished in the house at 20–А, Б Oksamytova Str. Windows have been placed everywhere. Plastering works are running inside the building; electricity distribution is finished up to the 6th section. Windows and interior/apartment partition walls are being placed in sections 5 and 6 of the house 20-В at Oksamytova Str. The reinforced concrete frame in sections 20-Г (7-9) is already finished; further construction of the building is in progress.

Let us also add that we are actively working on the roofed parking that will be located in the near of the house.

You may inquire about apartments with repairs in our development, about a convenient installment program, residential complex’s specifications, and about apartment designs of our managers at 10 Soborna Street or by contacting us at (044) 393-08-42, (‎067) 691-60-06. We will answer all your questions and will help you make the best choice!