Three Houses of the RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Petropavlivka Brought into Operation So Far!


     RC “Shchalsyvyi” is growing vigorously: one after another houses are completed ahead of the planned deadline. There is no doubt that this tendency makes new customers happy! At present as many as three houses are brought into operation.  

    Please be informed that fabulous large-area penthouse apartments are available for sale at 10-A Lenina Str. This house was brought into operation in December 2013.

    The second construction phase at 10-B Lenina Str. was brought into operation in June 2014. This means that in this house we sell apartments with all relevant documents! And the good news is that apartments have been connected to gas supply already! It’s the last milestone where owners of apartments sign apartments’ transfer and acceptance certificates and receive keys. Congratulations to all fortunate souls! Territory development and landscaping works are being finished near the building (with a professional company GreenMart doing the landscaping).

    Builders of the third object at the address 10-V Lenina Str. follow the same successful tendency. This house was brought into operation in August 2014! We happily inform you that the house is connected to all utility systems! The house painters are working hard on the plastering of entrances, whereas entrance doors have already been installed there. Gas supply equipment will operate soon; gas supply is being distributed to apartments, gas meters and Italian brand gas boilers are being installed there.

   The erection of the 10th floor progresses fast in the fourth construction phase at 10-G Lenina Str.! The connection of electricity and sanitary fixtures goes in parallel with inside plastering works. Plastic steel windows are being installed in apartments.

   The basement floor has been established in the fifth house of the complex at 10-D Lenina Str. The house commands a marvelous view of a lake and a forest.

   It is safe to say that owners of apartments in the RC “Shchaslyvyi” have made a lucky choice! They trust the NovaBydova Company because its undertakings are fulfilled as agreed. Become their neighbors even today, have a European-class living in a comfortable apartment of a quality house, in a wonderful place near a lake and a forest, just 600 m away from the capital’s Kiltseva (Ring) Road! You may see apartment designs of every house in the relevant website section. Our employees from the sales office in Petropavlivka will help you make the best apartment choice. Finding RC “Shchaslyvyi” is so easy – it can be seen from the Kiltseva Road right behind Billa. You may also get more information about how to buy your apartment at (067) 409-36-36 and (067) 990-46-46.