Prices for Apartments in the RC “Shchaslyvyi”


Are you longing for stability? Have you arrived at the conclusion that renting an apartment is a waste of hard-labor-gained money that gives no rights for the housing? If you want to finally have your own apartment, furnish it to your own likes and be independent, then purchase an apartment in the RC “Shchaslyvyi”! Yes, that’s the development that is advertised by the lovely TV host Olha Freimut! And it’s not only one complex – there are 2 RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Sofiivska Borshchahivka that offer space and calm. One is at the Shchaslyva Street and the other – at Yabluneva Street. There is also one more RC “Shchaslyvyi” in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, near a lake right at the border of a pine tree. The complexes are so close to Kyiv that one may see his/her windows from the Okruzhna Road! Here is more information about the houses:

1. The complex at Shchaslyva Str. consists of 5-storey buildings and is completely constructed. It is located near the 904 minibus stop. Get to know more at: (044) 223-33-40, (067) 885-40-40.

2. At Yabluneva Str. the price is the same for any apartment of 10 floors. The houses already have electricity supply and pipelines, radiators and doors; there have also been installed front doors in the entrances. Entrance halls and walls have nice stucco finishing. The cost of these apartments is cheaper simply because the houses will be brought into operation in May 2016. For more details call: (044) 223-76-76, (067) 735-76-76. This house can be seen from the Okruzhna Road, it stands near the “Pivdenna Borshchahivka” stop and is colored in green, yellow and purple. For the time being the 2nd floor of the phase 2 is being constructed.

3. The complex at Lenina Str. near Ashan and Billa stores stands right at the 743 minibus stop (“Lenina Street”) close to a lake. Stairways are being colored and hand rails have been mounted in the house 10-D. Boilers have been connected and gas meters sealed. December is the deadline for the bringing into operation! Phone numbers: (044) 228-63-61, (093) 905-28-28, (067) 990-46-46, (050) 926-03-80. Three more 10-storey houses are under construction there.

Do you plan to start with a purchase of a small apartment? At Yabluneva Str. apartments begin from 36,35 m2, whereas in houses 10-G and 10-D at Lenina Str. – from 45 m2. The operating houses offer many various designs and 2-room apartments - at Shchaslyva Str. (houses 50 and 61) from 61,27 m2 to 72 m2; at Yabluneva Str. (houses 5-А, B, V) from 56.83 m2 to 75 m2; at Lenina Str. (houses 10-G, 10-B, 10-D) from 61,33 m2 to 76 m2. Are you in search of an apartment with partial repair? We have them too! The price for m2 is lower by the 100% payment.

The NoavBydova Company is absolutely reputable. All apartments have standard developer’s finish. Ceilings are above 2,5 m. All materials are certified and safe. The cement screed on floors and walls plastering are done with the help of laser. They buy from us expecting that an apartment in a house with thick brick walls, Baumit insulation, and individual Italian heating equipment will pay its way soon! Copper wiring, radiators, windows, Sagan metal doors, polypropylene pipes, meters, door entry system and internet are included! This is much better than paying expensive rentals and tiring of moving in or out. Remember – happiness is not about money. Happiness is having your own home!