NovaBudova is happy to support and be a part of projects promoting healthy lifestyle or educational and meaningful leisure. Let us share about one of such projects with you. The project is called UCSA; it’s a network of sports schools and clubs in the city of Kyiv and in the Kyiv region.

Here children will be able to have training on the roofed 40х20 synthetic stadium, which is the first to open in the Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district. This will allow to have trainings in any season and any weather. The Academy is based on Christian values, which means that it has a polite, responsible, and competent team of people who love their job. Background of all trainers includes participation in sports competitions; all of them continuously improve their skills and help every child reveal their abilities.

In the future academy will open one more 60х40 m roofed football field, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball grounds, skate park, private fitness center, and a real eco-farm.

Enrolment starts on the 4th of September! Only to residents of RC “Shchaslyvyi” UCSA gives a unique 15% discount for training or 10% discount for the rent of the field.

In case of any questions call (098) 983-13-47 or visit us at 77/11Kyivska Str., v. Tarasivka.

UCSA Is Waiting for You!